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Free game is a form of sports betting at Meridian Sportsbook, where each registered player on the website, based on their own idea of ​​forming a game (bet), gives the idea to the sports bookmaker for consideration, and the sports bookmaker proposes a betting quota if all conditions are met which are covered by the terms and conditions of the bookmaker. [1][2][3]

Free Game Rules

On the idea of ​​forming a game by the player, the sports bookmaker can independently propose to the player for a bet that is not in the standard offer, if the outcome of such a bet can be measured and if there is a clear source from which a clear, unquestionable and unambiguous result can be read. Bets do not have to refer exclusively to sports, but can contain all events from social life, for which an unquestionable result can be defined, and the bet on the event meets all the conditions of the bookmaker. [4][5][6][7]

If the default bet event has not started, the standard rules apply. If the event has started, the live betting rules apply.

Example of Free Game

Real Madrid gives 6 goals in the match - odds 15.00

Barcelona scored 120 points in the match - odds 20.00

Cristiano Ronaldo received a red card in the 30th minute - odds 40.00

Germany occupies the 4th position in the Eurovision Song Contest - odds 10.00

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