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Flatline is the name of several characters from various branches of the Transformers franchise.

Transformers: Generation 1

Transformers character
Name Flatline
Series Transformers: Generation 1
Alternate modes Cybertronian truck
Function Medic

Flatline is a Decepticon medic turned neutral who is adept at building new bodies for folks.

IDW Generation 1 continuity

Flatline was among those who remained in Iacon after Starscream took command of the neutral population and banished both Autobots and Decepticons. When Fixit refused to leave injured Autobots behind, Starscream argued that they didn't need him since they had Flatline and Quickmix, who were both medics. Starscream then tasked Flatline with building him a new body, though he got annoyed when the medic started going on about why the Aerialbots were so popular. Flatline got his work cut out for him after a "death wave" emitted from the Necrotitan killed and injured many of Iacon's citizens. Whilst diagnosing Starscream's injury, he let out a flippant remark about leadership that caused the stressed-out jet to snap and start yelling at him, but Flatline was too busy watching the Necrotitan stomp into the city to listen. When the Autobots returned to lend a hand, an angry Flatline confronted Fixit, outraged that he was keeping their wounded in a trailer and accusing him of failing to repair the Aerialbots or Omega Supreme before he left. He then got back to gathering the injured and evacuating the city.

In the calm that followed the Necrotitan's defeat, Flatline helped Ratchet bring a bisected Megatron in for repairs and build a new body for Arcee. He reactivated Wheeljack after he'd spent months recovering in a CR chamber, and was among the 'bots repairing Superion when Starscream brought Wheeljack to the facility.

Transformers Cinematic Universe

Transformers character
Name Flatline
Series Transformers Cinematic Universe
Alternate modes Cybertronian Truck
Function Surgeon, Scientist
Partner Thundercracker

A master surgeon, Flatline might be a little too eager about his work. Tasked by his commander Thundercracker with creating the next generation of Decepticon warriors, he has wasted many viable protoforms in unsuccessful experiments. He's on the verge of a breakthrough, though! Any cycle now...

IDW Comics

Before the war, when the AllSpark was rediscovered and used to revitalize Cybertron, Flatline was seen tending to some newborn hatchlings. During the war, some time in the early 20th century, Flatline was present when Shockwave killed Chromia in battle. He scooped up her remains, deciding to use them for his experiments. Later, Flatline served as the medical officer on a Decepticon outpost on an undisclosed planet. He was in the midst of reporting to Thundercracker on the status of the latest subject Thundercracker had procured just as she was coming back online. Flatline wasn't confident whether or not her spark was strong enough to power the other specimens, the corpses of Chromia and Elita-One. However, Thundercracker didn't take no for answer, saying that her spark was stronger than Flatline believed. He also warned Flatline not to screw this up, as he'd wasted the rest of outpost's viable protoforms on a long line of botched experiments. Once Flatline had procured the supplies he needed for the final procedure, he happily introduced himself to Arcee and revealed his grand scheme. He cannibalized Arcee's spark from her old body after Thundercracker tore it apart, and installed it one of the protoforms he'd killed in one of his many unsuccessful experiments. He would then transfer her spark into the two dead Autobots and create a new breed of soldier that'd swell the outpost's dwindled ranks. It was pretty much Flatline's last shot at rebuilding Thundercracker's army, as he hadn't had any luck reprogramming two other yo-yos. Once he had finished expositing, he flipped the switch, shutting down Arcee and carrying out the transferal process as Thundercracker watched. Against all odds, the procedure was a success, and Flatline got three soldiers for the price of one. Elated, Flatline ran off to find one of the last protoforms he hadn't killed to see if Arcee could power four at once. However, Arcee didn't give him the chance, as she promptly freed Skids and Mudflap, who in turn freed her. Flatline returned, horrified to see all the prisoners out and about. While amazed to see Arcee's consciousness shared amongst three bodies, he was quickly overpowered and forced to retreat. In desperation, Flatline tried overwhelming the determined Arcee with an army of Payloads, Dreadwings, and even Thundercracker himself. Unfortunately, he had done his work too well, and he had no choice but to beat another hasty retreat after getting shot in the shoulder. Once Arcee dealt with the drones and chased off Thundercracker, she/they tried to track Flatline down by the trail of fluids he'd left. However, he had activated a pile of explosives that covered his escape long enough to make a clean getaway.