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Firebot is the name of two fictional characters from the Transformers series. The original Firebot was introduced in 2003 as a Mini-Con in the Transformers: Armada line.

Transformers: Armada

Transformers character
Armada Emergency Team on card
First appearance

Transformers: Armada episode "Mars"
Release number

Species Transformer


Alternate mode

Cybertronian car/Gun

"If it exists, I'll find it."

Firebot, Makeshift

Transformers: Armada
Transformers: Universe

Mini-Con Emergency Team
Tech specs

ST08 IN10 SP08 EN10

RN07 CO10 FB06 SK09

Firebot is a Mini-Con and leader of the Emergency Rescue Team. Firebot has great strength and endurance, as well as above-average intelligence. In his vehicle mode, he has all of the functions of a standard Earth fire truck, including a high-pressure water sprayer. He can also convert into a missile launcher in weapon mode.

Animated series

Firebot appeared in episode #36 of the Transformers: Armada animated series, entitled "Mars". Firebot's Mini-Con storage panel landed on Mars. Jetfire and Starscream were dispatched to retrieve him.


3H Enterprises

Firebot was one of the Transformers pulled from his timestream to engage in the death-duels of the Cauldron deep inside the shattered Unicron. He escaped this fate in the jail-break set by Trailbreaker and Silverbolt.

Dreamwave Productions

Firebot appeared in issue 18 of the Dreamwave Productions Transformers: Armada comic series. He aided the other Mini-Cons in using the Mini-Con Matrix to oppose Unicron.


Armada Firebot toy
  • Armada Mini-Con Emergency Team (2003)
A set of new molds. The three Mini-Cons turn from robots to vehicles or guns.
Firebot was recolored into Armada Draft, Quench, Cluster and Cybertron Anti-Blaze.
  • Armada Mini-Con Emergency Team recolor (2003)
A recolor set of the Mini-Con Energency Team. Firebot is colored to resemble Generation 1 Hot Spot.
  • Armada X-Dimension Mini-Con Emergency Team (2004)
A set of recolors released exclusively in Japan. X-Dimension Firebot was repurposed into Shattered Glass Pinpointer.
  • Universe Fireflight with Firebot and Thunderwing (2004)
A yellow recolor of the original toy.


Transformers: Classic

Transformers character
Classic Firebot toy
Name Firebot
Series Transformers: Classic
First appearance The New World by Fun Publications
Alternate modes Fire truck
Gender Male
Partner Stakeout & Divebomb

Firebot is an Autobot allies Mini-Con. Young and brave, these robots are fresh out of primary programming, and too inexperienced to ever be afraid. When there are other robots in danger, and nothing will save them but a foolish charge into the dangerous and unknown, its always the Night Rescue Team that gets called in.

Fun Publications

Firebot's sole appearance in fiction so far was as a Mini-Con on Cybertron in the text story "The New World". He aided in the rescue of Mini-Cons in the explosion that killed Modus Prime. He later sided with the Autobot-allied Mini-Cons against Broadside's attempt to take control of Cybertron.


  • Classic Mini-Con Firebot (2007)
A Mini-Con packaged with Strongarm and Divebomb. Like all Classic Mini-Cons, Firebot was originally going to be part of the Cybertron line, but when it was late for release, they made him part of the Classic line.


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