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Federal Management Debt Recovery & Legal Services
Industry Debt Collection Agency
Website https://www.federalmanagement.co.uk/

Federal Management is a leading UK Commercial FCA Regulated Debt Collection Agency, recovering millions of pounds every year.[1]

They provide specialist Debt Collection services and have won a multitude of accreditation and plaudits for their innovative work in the field of Debt Recovery.


Established in 2004 by its current Directors, Federal Management has become a leading name in the Debt Collection Industry. 

With a focus on professionalism and a commitment to delivering outstanding results in a cost-effective manner, the company has gained a strong reputation for its innovative debt collection practices and cutting-edge technology.[2]

The company envisions being the first choice for Business Debt Collection Services in the UK. Federal Management aims to build lasting relationships with clients, emphasising continuous improvement, development, and pioneering strategies to maximise collections. 

Adaptability and seeking pragmatic ways to optimise debt collection services are integral to their vision.

Federal Management's Head Office is located in the North West of England, with additional Collections Offices in Northern, Scottish, Midlands, and London regions. 

The company has a dedicated International Team for overseas Debt and has cultivated a network of trusted partners globally to ensure comprehensive debt recovery services.[3]


Federal Management was founded in 2004 with the sole objective of providing the UK's foremost Professional Debt Collection service. 

The company's founders brought a wealth of direct experience from various aspects of the Debt Collection Industry. Over the years, Federal Management has evolved, maintaining a deep passion for its work and a strong work ethic.


Business Debt Recovery

Federal Management specialises in business debt recovery, boasting a proven track record with a 90% success rate. Their unique approach keeps clients fully informed about the progression of their debt recovery. 

The company collaborates with a diverse range of businesses, from large Plc’s to small SMEs, offering efficient recovery solutions at a fraction of the cost compared to using Commercial Solicitors or other debt collection companies.

International Debt Recovery

In addition to UK B2B and private debt collection services, Federal Management extends its expertise internationally. Leveraging a global network of trusted partners, they have the capacity and means to collect debts anywhere in the world. 

With millions of pounds worth of debt collected annually for clients worldwide, Federal Management stands as a reliable partner for international debt recovery.[4]

Private Debt Recovery Agency

Acknowledging the value of time, Federal Management provides a Private Debt Recovery Agency solution for individuals seeking professional debt recovery services. With a 90% recovery rate on undisputed debts, clients receive top-tier Debt Collection services.

Dispute Resolution

Federal Management addresses spurious disputes, strained working relationships, personal issues, and more. In an era with a rising number of disputed debts, the company offers a transparent Business Dispute Resolution service. 

This service, led by a qualified and highly experienced Commercial Legal team, aims to find resolutions favouring clients, saving them from the expense and stress associated with ambiguous disputes.

FM International

In 2012, Federal Management launched FM International, a specialised service catering to high-level and VIP Debt Recovery across the globe. This service specifically targets industries associated with prestige and wealth.

Awards and Recognition

Federal Management takes pride in being an award-winning debt collection agency. Approved and authorised by the FCA, they hold the distinction of being the No.1 Business Debt Collector in the UK.


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