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Fardinanth Ponishare-verified.png

Born Farinanth
Residence Bangladesh, Dhaka
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Trinity University College
Alma mater Graduate
Occupation Writer
Years active 2008-2021
Known for Fardinanth
Home town Dhaka
Height 178m

Fardinanth, also known by his pen name F. is an author, philanthropist, producer, singer, and screenwriter. He wrote “The Playbook” which was a grand succecc in 2022. He also wrote “The Min Originx”, this book has a different fan base.

Early life

Fardinanth belongs to the Italian & British culture. He was born in Dhaka but brought up mostly in Italian and British culture. He has one elder sister named Stella Johansen.


He had multiple experience in admitting school or colleges cause of his parental job shifting periods. He was graduated in Physics & mastered in Philosophy from Trinity Western University.

career Life

After his graduation he has chosen his career as a physics professor in a renown university. He was quite famous among his field for his ground breaking lectures on physics, he was a deep thinker, people used to discuss idea’s validity with him. Later on, he wrote so many philosophical and scientific books. “The Playbook” was a best seller in previous year. He was passionate for new and different thinking. He was a famous lecturer in IBA University. As the fall of 2008, he invented his own theory in physics. So many production houses were interested on his book “The Playbook”, they wanted to devote a film on this book. However, Fardinanth wasn’t interested. Today, he has written more than 15 theoretical books. Fardinanth also dove in different roots of literature like, travel, story, sketch books etc. His books has been reading all across the country now. Currently he’s working on new theoretical books. His fan base is now eagerly waits for his books.