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Fahim Chowdhury is a Bangladeshi Musical Artist , Author & Photographer.

He was born on 3rd December 1998 at Dhaka District in Bangladesh. He is a young, kind heart, honest, arising artist, musician, and author who conceived and raised in Dhaka city. His interest in writing and digital marketing has made him a familiar face through this medium since his student days. He is now known as a musician and digital marketer in Bangladesh after 23 years. He is currently living in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Fahim Chowdhury is both a guitarist and an entrepreneur, and a writer . Fahim was a student at Ideal School And College. From childhood Fahim has a good inspiration for music. File:Fahhh.jpg In 2018, he started digital marketing through content projection and distribution on behalf of various agencies. He also promotes multiple products online. Fahim Chowdhury has already been verified as the official international music platform on YouTube, TikTok, and Spotify. His channel was confirmed as the official artist channel on YouTube in March 2021, and he has recently got a place in artist verification and selection from Spotify. He loves to make his family member and followers happy and this is what is most important to him. He has also written music for Indian Bengali movies. Regarding the state of work through digital in Corona situation, he said it is impossible to go outside the house and do a regular job in an epidemic situation. If you want to work in a production company, you have to go there. So at the moment, I am trying to publish songs from home through YouTube, Spotify and iTunes, iheartradio , Apple music, Amazon Music and all the streaming apps. In this situation, I think these are the best means. Now his many music are very popular in all online sites. Fahim Chowdhury has successfully spread his written and composed music outside the country, starting from television programs in Bangladesh. He gained a lot of popularity as a rock guitarist in the beginning. He has proved his brilliance as a lyricist. Fahim Chowdhury first came up with a musical tune titled "Kal Ho Na Ho". This music is at the top of the list of favorites of many viewers from Bangladesh and other countries.