Fahad Hossain Fahim

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Fahad Hossain Fahim

Picture of Fahad Hossain Fahim
Born Md Fahad Hossain Fahim
13 August 2000
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Student
Known for Story, Prose, Poetry and Creative contents

Fahad Hossain Fahim is a Bangladeshi poet, prose writer and author. He is an agriculture student currently pursuing his Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Husbandry from Bangladesh Agricultural University. He started writing in 2013 at the age of thirteen. He has written many rhymes, short stories, poems, essays etc. Although he started his journey in literature by writing poems, his favorite field is fiction. He is an author of one book named 'Sawgat' and co-author of more than four books. As well as being acclaimed as a storyteller and young poet, he has numerous achievements for writing. Notable literary awards and honors include: Jaladhi Sahitya Sammanna (Story - 2021), Best Storyteller Sammanna (Bikroy.com - 2021), Tarunya Jatiya Kabita Puraskar 2021 etc.