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Rudi Tartaglia is an Australian author, speaker, and business consultant, specialising in the area of marketing & advertising. Rudi started his career in the private sector, moving into his own consultancy practice in 2008. Since this time, Rudi has been on the speaking circuit around Australia, and authored a book called Extension:The Pend Principle (Wikimedia) in 2014, which sells globally,and is about a four part strategic marketing process that he developed covvering (Penetration, Expansion, New product development, and diversification). See amazon listing here [1].

Rudi has also been interviewed in the media on several occasions on the topic of marketing, including The Sydney Morning Herald [2] Rudi spends his time largely consulting to businesses across Queensland Australia, prilmarily focused on Rockhampton, Gladstone, and Emerald regions. Rudi holds a variety of qualifications across business, management, marketing, project management,finance,political marketing, and six sigma.

In 2017, it was announced that Rudi was to be 1 of 8 judges involved in the Capricorn Business Awards [3] hosted in Rockhampton, Queensland in November.