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Publisher(s) https://expanse.studio/
Series Games of chance, Gaming
Release date(s) 2019
Genre(s) Online slot

Evoji is an animated online game, from the Expanse Studios provider.[1]


Evoji is characterized by specific video-visual animation. Game graphics was done at high level, in line with latest standards of games of chance industry. Audio effects remind us of cartoon – animated characters.[2]

Game levels

The game includes 4 levels, each with a total of 15 fields. Five of them include an object the player is supposed to find to receive a bonus. Other 10 fields are empty. The player has 3 chances (lives) to find an object. If the player misses three times, the stake is lost. If the object is found, the number of opportunities (lives) is reset to 3, and the amount in the bank is increased.[3]

When the player finds the first object, the game CASH OUT becomes available until the end of the round.[4] 5 objects found unlock the next level. At the start of the next level, the player gets an option CASH OUT HALF. This option enables drawing of the half of the amount won. High RTP (return to player) is a feature of this game. The player receives the following returns:

• RTP LEVEL 1: 96.00% • RTP LEVEL 2: 92.15% • RTP LEVEL 3: 88.46% • RTP LEVEL 4: 84.92%


The basic feature of this game is a progressive jackpot that may be activated at any time.[5]

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