Evgenia Citkowitz

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Evgenia Citkowitz
Born 1963 (age 59–60)
New York City
Occupation writer
Spouse Julian Sands

Evgenia Citkowitz is an author and screenwriter born in New York City who was largely raised in the United Kingdom.[1]

Citkowitz was born in New York City to a member of the wealthy family that owned the famous Guinness brand of beer.[2] Her mother Lady Caroline Blackwood was also an author.[3] Her father and step-father, Israel Citkowitz and Robert Lovell, were also involved in the arts. Citkowitz was a composer while Lovell was a poet.

Although she attended British boarding schools she told interview Jan Sharp she grew up without feeling she belonged anywhere.[2] Sharp described her as "intensely private".

Actor John Malkovitz introduced her to Julian Sands, and the pair married in 1990, and had two daughters.

In 2010 Citkowitz published a collection of stories entitled Ether.[3]

In 2018 Citkowitz published her first novel, The Shades.[4] In its review The New York Times praised Citkowitz's writing skills and called the novel "atmospheric". Publisher's Weekly's review concurred, asserting she "meanders through her scant plot with ample atmospheric detours".[1] However, they concluded "but the threads of story remain too hazy and incomplete to be fully satisfying."

Citkowitz and Sands settled in Los Angeles.[5] 0n January 13, 2023, Sands went hiking on the portion of the San Gabriel Mountains known as Mount Baldy, during, or shortly prior to, bad weather. An extensive search for Sands was initiated when he failed to return from his hike. As of January 25 he had not been found and the search continued.