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EverSafe Moving Co.
Type Private
Industry Moving & Storage
Founder(s) Rob Rimeris
Website eversafemoving.com

EverSafe Moving Co. is an American moving and storage company based in Greater Philadelphia Area, Pennsylvania.[1]


EverSafe Moving Co was founded in 2011 by Rob Rimeris, an old-time antique dealer who also owns the business.[2] Rob started the company with just one move and an online classified ad. This was the period when clients chose their movers based on an ad in the phonebook.[3] Later on, Rob created an online presence for the business by building a website for it.[3]

Since inception, EverSafe has completed thousands of moves in the Greater Philadelphia Area.[4]


EverSafe has raised a total of $1.8M in funding over 4 rounds. The company's latest funding was raised on Sep 25, 2017 from a Non-equity Assistance round.[5]

Business Model

EverSafe Moving offers packing and storage solutions.[6] The team of movers at EverSafe Moving Co carefully plans each move and handles job of any size, whether local home moves or long-distance office relocations. They also assist musicians in moving pianos as well as senior clients who are relocating to a new home or into an assisted-living residence.[7]

Award and recognition

  • Listed among the three best rated moving companies in Philadelphia, PA.[8]
  • Listed among “10 Best Movers Near Philadelphia, PA.[9]
  • Listed among The 10 Best Moving Companies in Philadelphia 2024 by Forbes[1]
  • Won the angie.com super service award multiple times.[10]


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