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Euro Puppy is a European digital marketplace headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. [1][2] The company curates and exports purebred European dogs and puppies across the globe. [3] It provides a secure online platform to help people find healthy and high-quality puppies for their families. [4] It also offers advice for selecting the right puppy and provides professional assistance throughout the adoption process.


Euro Puppy was founded in 2001 by Sandor Fagyal and Tibor Berzeti. [5] Originally, the company only catered to customers in the U.S. However, it started receiving requests from other countries soon as the demand for its services grew further. As of 2020, Euro Puppy has helped more than 10,000 families across 110 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, U.S., Australia, the Middle East, etc.


Euro Puppy regularly visits and partners with the top dog breeders in Europe. Every puppy is thoroughly vetted before it is listed on Euro Puppy’s website. Users can choose from the listed puppies and make a booking by paying online on the platform.

Thereafter, Euro Puppy’s team checks the health status of the puppy and gets it vaccinated. They also handle the necessary paperwork and safely ship the puppy by air or road.[6] The company also offers a “Lifetime Health Guarantee” for all puppies adopted through its platform.[7]