Enemies for Hire

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Enemies for Hire  
Cover of Enemies for Hire
Language English
Genre(s) Science fiction
Publisher Iron Crown Enterprises
Publication date 1995
Media type Print (Softcover)
Pages 96
ISBN 1-55806-227-0

Enemies for Hire is Champions role-playing game suppliment. It was written by James Davis, Greg Lloyd and Bruce tong and illustrated by Fred Gorham and Greg Smith. It was published in 1995.[1]


From The Secret Files Of UNTIL... UNTIL's secret files of supervillains are revealed for the first time in this incredible book! For years, it's been rumored that UNTIL keeps extensive files on known paranormals. Repeated official denials over the years have done little to stop the speculation. Now, for the first time, the truth can be revealed -- these files do exist, and you're holding some of them in your hands!

These files portray some very dangerous criminals with extraordinary abilities. Though widely varying in their powers, all of these villains have one thing in common: They'll work for anyone who can meet their price. Are the heroes tough enough to handle these super mercenaries?

Enemies For Hire contains over 40 supervillains for your Champions campaign. These villains can be found working for anybody, so they're easy to integrate into your campaign. Each villain is presented as they appear in UNTIL files. The villain file has their record, M.O., known history, aliases, and other information presented just as the heroes would see it. The GM information included with each villain has the full character sheet and all the information needed to run the villain.

These mercenaries are ready to start earning some money in your campaign... no matter how many heroes they have to walk over to do it!


  • Characters included in this book include Airbus, Betelgeuse, Ronin and Starwell.


  1. Enemies for Hire. Iron Crown Enterprises. 1995. ISBN 1558062270. 

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