Emir Uyar

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Emir Uyar
Born 1983
Nationality Turkish
Occupation Vice Chairman of Permak Group

Emir Uyar (born 1983) is the Vice Chairman of Permak Group, a major Turkish conglomerate, and is also the Honorary General Consul of Dominica to Turkey. He is the son of business magnate Selim Uyar, who is the founder of Permak Group.[1]

Uyar is an investor and owner of many historic properties in Europe, including the well-known San Clemente Kempinski Palace Hotel in Venice that is currently branded under Kempinski Hotels.[2] His historic investment of the entire island of San Clemente in Italy is one of the largest investments that had taken place between Italy and Turkey.[3] In addition, Uyar plays a key role in the development of Turkey's solar power infrastructure.[4]


Uyar graduated from Deutsche Schule Istanbul and earned a B.A. in Business and Economics from the University of Southern California (USC).[5][6]


Emir Uyar is the Vice Chairman of Turkey's Permak Group and Chairman of the Permak Investments. Permak Group is active in real estate, machinery, energy, technology, and retail.[7][8]

He now oversees the investments of the Permak Group, and also owns the Kempinski Palace Hotel on San Clemente Island in Venice, Italy.[9] Uyar has been the Honorary General Consul of Dominica to Istanbul since 2014.

Uyar has also invested to build infrastructure of solar power in Turkey, having invested in localities such as Çankırı.[4] Additionally, he has invested heavily in luxury properties in Lake Como, which is also home to George Clooney's summer residence.[10]


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