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Born 1989
Nationality United States

Eliyahu Mirlis is a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator and CEO at RegalCare Management Group. Mirlis has been named a 2020 Future Leader by Skilled Nursing News.[1]

Who is Eliyahu Mirlis?

Eliyahu Mirlis is the founder and CEO of RegalCare. Mirlis previously worked in the healthcare industry. Eli Mirlis founded the company back in 2016 and has since grown into his current role as a leader for RegalCare’s virtual lab platform. He brings with him over 10 years of experience working in the health industry. In his spare time, Mirlis works towards improving the health of patients by becoming an advocate for community-based cancer care and rehabilitation.

How did Mirlis get into health care?

Mirlis started his healthcare career working as a Medical Transcriptionist in 2001. He then spent three years as an Oncologist at Norwood Medical Center, where he specialized in providing support to cancer patients. During his time there, Mirlis helped to found the first community-based cancer support group in the Norwood area.

What is RegalCare?

RegalCare is a healthcare company that provides care to thousands of New Jersey residents.[2] The company is private and for-profit, but it is managed by a non-profit organization and funded by member contributions, corporate sponsorships, and government grants. The company’s vision is to improve the health of patients through better, more affordable medical care. Founded and run by Eliyahu Mirlis, RegalCare is a leading medical care delivery and technology solutions provider with headquarters in Waterbury, CT. Mirlis's vision is to help patients live better lives through the power of healthcare.

Why is RegalCare important?

Every year, more than a million people in the United States lack health insurance.[3] That number includes 1 in 3 people under the age of 65 who have no health insurance. This lack of health insurance leaves many people with expensive and complex medical issues. It can also cost more to cover those issues because of a person’s location, income level, and type of insurance. That’s where RegalCare comes in.

With offices across several states and more than 300 employees, RegalCare has demonstrated its commitment to providing world-class healthcare services by maintaining its focus on developing innovative solutions that improve patient care.

What does Mirlis enjoy about his job?

Working with patients has always been a part of Mirlis’s life. Growing up, he was always interested in helping people and seeing how he could use his knowledge and experience to improve the quality of life for patients.

The best thing about working at RegalCare?

Mirlis’s personal favorite thing about working for RegalCare is the opportunity to help patients live better lives through the power of healthcare. The staff at RegalCare is committed to helping patients receive the best quality of service at every stage of their illness.

Advice for other employees looking to grow their role?

Mirlis recommends that other employees look into opportunities to combine their interests and skills with their current roles. There are many opportunities to progress within a company, but not all are a good fit. When making a change, look for ways to bring your interests and skills to the table and help the company grow.


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