Elfalan Don

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Elfalan Don
Born Dewuan Andrew Elfalan Jr.
13 September 1997 (1997-09-13) (age 24)
Louisville Ky,, USA
Nationality American
Education 2 years of college at EKU
Occupation Musician, Rapper
Known for Hip-Hop/Rap

Dewuan Andrew Elfalan Jr. known as Elfalan Don is an American Rapper, lyricist, and designer from Louisville Kentucky. The name came from Elfalan being his last name and Don being his mindset on being fruitful.

Early life

Elfalan Don was born on September 13, 1997 in Louisville Ky. He was truly into baseball at an early age as far as possible up until he was a senior in secondary school. He went to Pleasure Ridge Park High School. He additionally did a time of track to help improve his speed on the baseball field. He grew up with the two guardians and his more seasoned sister and younger sibling. After secondary school he went to Eastern Kentucky University as a business and bookkeeping major.


Everything began when his beloved companion sent him a 2pac picture me rolling ' remix while he was in the cafeteria in school. After that he figured he should try it out and when he made his first melody he went gaga for the interaction and the result. He purchased his own studio hardware and began rapping in the residence wardrobe at EKU. He would circumvent the cafeteria and grounds inquiring as to whether they like it. Extra time he understood on the off chance that he needs to be an expert, at that point he should associate with proficient specialists. He began recording at the Dojo in Lexington Ky until he needed to move back to Louisville at that point began going to 400 account studios. He needed to remove the center man so he chose to purchase overhauled studio hardware and self trained himself on the best way to design himself and others.[1]


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