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Perfect Effect character
Perfect Effect Ejector box
Created by

Perfect Effect
Release number

Species Transformer
Gender Male

Alternate mode


Ejector is fictional character created by Perfect Effect in 2011 as a third-party Transformer. He is an homage to the 1986 Transformers character Eject.

Perfect Effect

Ejector is a fictional character created by Perfect Effect as a third-party Transformer homage to the 1986 Transformer Autobot Eject. He turns into a gun.

Ejector is unrelated to the Transformers character of the same name.


Perfect Effect posted a teaser image on their blog site for the mold that would become Ejector, Ninja and Rewinder in June 2010. Rewinder was released in February 2011.[1]

Ejector was released in February 2011.


The [email protected] podcast for October 21st, 2010 selected a picture of Perfect Effect's Ultimate Form as one of the New Picture Picks.[2]

The [email protected] podcast for November 18th, 2010 selected pictures of Ejector as one of the New Picture Picks.[3]

The [email protected] podcast for December 30th, 2010 selected pictures of Ejector as one of the New Picture Picks.[4]


Promotional photos of iGear's products show Ejector being used by FansProject City Commander.


  • Perfect Effect PE-05 Ejector (2011)
A recolor of Ninja. Comes with weapons and instructions.
  • Perfect Effect PX-04 Ultimate Form (2011)
A set containing Perfect Effect's Ejector, Rewinder, The Night and The Sun.



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