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Author(s) Bill Mantlo
Illustrator Michael Golden
Cover artist Michael Golden
Language English
Series Micronauts
Genre(s) Science fiction
Publisher Marvel Comics
Publication date February 1979
Preceded by Homeworld
Followed by Death-Duel at Daytona Beach!

Earth! is the story in issue 2 of the first Micronauts Marvel Comics series.


Escaping from Baron Karza and his dog soldiers, The Micronauts pass through the space wall in their spacecraft, the Endeavor. Suddenly, the vessel emerges into normal gravity and crashs into a amazing landscape with huge vegetation. Without serious damage to either themselves or their ship, The Micronauts decide to explore the strange planet. They find a big metal construction which is identified as a swing before they are "attacked" by a ... giant Cocker Spaniel. They are on Earth but their relative size hasn't changed, and they are only a few inches tall !!!

In the garden, a little boy (but a giant to the heroes) uses a lawnmower which Acroyear destroys in order to protect his teammates. Realizing that The Micronauts are actual people, the adventurers and the boy discuss what has happened. Marionette relates their story to the giant youth, named Steve Coffin.

After a few minutes, Prince Shaitan, sent by Baron Karza, arrives on Earth with a small fleet of Acroyear battle cruisers. The battle between the Acroyear's fighters and the Micronauts (helped by Steve), destroy Steve's garden. The heroes succeed in defeating Shaitan's attack force, but Shaitan escapes, and now Steve has to explain all the damage to his father.


Micronauts Others
Prince Acroyear Prince Argon
Commander Arcturus Rann Baron Karza
Biotron Prince Shaitan
Bug Prince Wayfinder
Marionette Steve Coffin
Microtron Time Traveler


  • Micronauts vehicles appearing in this story include the Battle Cruiser, which is called the Galactic Cruiser at one point, the name of a different Micronauts toy.

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