EXAU-219 G-System/Gundam Feather Reap

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"You've taken my reality, and my life....and you're not going to take my family."

The EXAU(EXA Unit)-219(codenamed "G-System" and nicknamed "Gundam Reaper") is a mobile suit featured in Gundam x Chogokin GODAIKIN SENSO. The unit is piloted by main protagonists Anna and Tess Coleman.

Technology and Combat Characteristics

The "G-System" is modelled after the RX-78-2 Gundam. However, this unit sports many distinctions from the aforementioned unit. Firstly, it lacks any of the armaments of the original Gundam(and is instead equipped with various weapons that Anna found during her travels in G-Ex/A). This is because, unlike the RX-78-2, the G-System, since it was made to function in G-Ex/A's Realms, utilizes a program called "System R47", which was designed to harness the supernatural abilities of a Newtype. However, this system is extremely dangerous. For starters, it can cause the G-System to stall, due to the immense amount of heat generated by the program. System R47 is also able to fuse with the pilot, but this process will "reprogram" their consciousness. In Anna's case, she basically gives the program a mind of it's own, and a huge part of the story revolves around it trying to merge with her. On the other hand, this gives the Gundam Reaper the ability to perform. Even when Tess alters System R47's programming, it's still capable o