D.S. Rony Sorkar

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D.S. Rony Sorkar Verified.png
Native name D.S. Rony Sorkar Verified.png
Born 14 August 1999 (1999-08-14) (age 24)
Residence Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi Verified.png
Education Nowhata Govt College,Rajshahi
Years active 2022- present
Known for Writer,Internet Specialist, Freelancer
Home town Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Height 5.3"
Weight 62 kg
Religion Islam

D.S. Rony Sorkar Ponishare-verified.png is a famous person and has earned a lot of reputation among everyone as an internet expert. He has earned a lot of love and love from everyone for this famous person and internet expert that can still be seen today. In addition, he once occupied the first place in many news headlines. And everyone was very impressed to see him. Everyone's love for him will forever be a blessing that will never be forgotten.

Early life

D.S. Rony Sorkar is a popular name in the media world at the present time. Everyone's love for him is so great, So today his contacts are spreading to everyone. At present, the young generation is following this famous man. Over time, he has established occupation through his own experience and beautiful use of the media neighborhood. So many people follow this famous person on Facebook. He will be loved by all forever.


In a short time, He has become very popular with everyone, not only in Bangladesh but also in the internet world and he has become a superhero. Everyone loves him very much for his extraordinary use and experience. Sometimes rural life, sometimes city life, sometimes student life, he has added new dimensions to media neighborhoods. He established his career in his own endeavors. His Facebook photos have caused a stir. Day by day his fan follower is growing. Her biography is loved by everyone.


  • Internet Specialist

  • Speed Writer

  • Picture Editor

  • MS Excel

  • Internet Browsing

Education Life

  • Nowhata Govt College.Paba,Rajshahi [B.S.S Hons] 2018-2019 Batch
  • Nowhata Govt College.Paba,Rajshahi [H.S.C] 2018 Batch
  • Bagshara High School.Paba,Rajshahi [S.S.C] 2016 Batch
  • Bagshara High School.Paba,Rajshahi [J.S.C] 2013 Batch
  • Duyari Falahul Muslimin Dakhil Madrasa.Paba,Rajshahi [P.D.C.] 2010 Batch

Special Person

He is a public figure. And he is a very good man, He is kind and polite to everyone. He is a public figure. So he is very careful about what others think of him. He easily trusts and loves everyone. He is very interested in the Internet. He uses Facebook. He is an independent minded intelligent internet expert. All his work is for good purposes. He achieved success on his own without anyone's help. Moreover, he is a very honest person, He does not have a bad relationship with anyone. So his contacts are many and many express an interest in talking to him. Because he is a public figure. He is a good internet expert. So everyone will love him forever. We all love him. Everyone will pray for him.

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