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Drench is any of several characters in the Transformers franchise.


Generation 1

This version of Drench is a water-powered sportscar.

Shattered Glass

A former member of the evil Autobot Seekers, Drench was killed by the other Autobots, which later led his friend Sideswipe to defect to the Decepticons. He also changed his color scheme in honor of the fallen Drench.


  • Drench (1993)
A mold that was recolored into the European Deluge.
  • Timelines Drench (unreleased)
A repaint of Transformers: Armada Sideswipe in a homage to the original Drench toy; was not produced, but the mold was reused for Timelines Sideswipe.


Generation 1

A tyrannical Decepticon sportscar.


  • Drench (1993)
A European exclusive mold that has not yet been reused.