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Dr. Wudi is The Cosmic Silence Observer who created The Wudi Secret Practice, also known as Mindpuncture. Dr. Wudi is a scientist, biotechnologist, and physician. He is the founder of Mindpuncture and the author of an unusual encrypted book: The Book of Secret Code: The Hidden Message of Creation

Early Life and Career

Dr. Wudi was fascinated from an early age with nature, medicine, science and the universe. His interest grew into a desire to assist people to heal and create positive change in the world and in people’s lives. In an effort to find the meaning of life and help people, Dr. Wudi became a scientist and spent several years doing research and experiments in the biotechnology field. Coming from a scientific background, he decided to become a physician and went to medical school. After encountering M.I.N.D (Mysterious Information Non-visible Data), Dr. Wudi decided to leave his thriving career as a medical doctor in order to dedicate himself to The Truth of Everything.

Encounter with M.I.N.D (Mysterious Information Non-visible Data)

On March 21, 2017, Dr. Wudi had a most extraordinary experience, which led him to begin his silence and discover The Hidden Code that surrounds everything and exists everywhere in the universe. The Hidden Code is the other side of things. On that day, Dr. Wudi had a direct encounter with M.I.N.D (Mysterious Information Non-visible Data). He met the other side of things. The Moment was unknown, it was the moment he entered a great silence and never returned. This profound experience forever altered the course of his life. Encountering with M.I.N.D led Dr. Wudi to begin an amazing exploration of what is known today as Mindpuncture that is significant to man’s physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health and well-being.


The Book of Secret Code is an unusual encrypted book that was received by Dr. Wudi after encountering M.I.N.D (Mysterious Information Non-visible Data). This encrypted book is hidden in the mysterious coded message. It is a new revelation for humanity. The Book of Secret Code happened to Dr. Wudi. In your decoding of The Book of Secret Code, it will happen to you, for we are all led to observe The Hidden Message of Creation.


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