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Dr. Terror
Centurions character
Dr. Terror toy box
First appearance

The Centurions, episode 1, "The Sky Is On Fire", April 7th, 1986
Created by

Voiced by

Ron Feinberg (English)
Juan Domingo Mendez (Spanish)
Nickname(s) Doc Terror
Species Human cyborg
Family Amber (daughter)



Evil Genius

"The world may end, but I will survive."

Dr. Terror (a.k.a. Doc Terror) is a fictional character from the Centurions series in 1986. He was voiced by Ron Feinberg.


Dr. Terror is an evil genius. His goal it nothing less than the total domination of the world. He is a powerful cyborg, with weapons of his own design. His cyborg body grants him enhanced strength and durability, telescopic vision and the ability to generate a powerful magnetic field. His helmet allows him to breath under water. He has 100 time normal human strength, numerous modular weapons systems, and can exchange his Syntax cyborg system for Hacker's Lesion, or can combine with a Strafer or Traumatizer. He commands a massive fleet led by his high tech airship.

Chief among his minions are his cyborg companion Hacker and his daughter Amber. Other minions include the cyborg fish man Mako and the moon-based Lunix. He also commands an army of cyborg animals.


Fictional biography

A brilliant yet evil genius, Dr. Terror fused half his body to a powerful computer system in a bizarre operation which he himself developed. Now programmed for the ultimate evil. He challenges the Centurions in a fight to rule the world! His cyborg half, Syntax launches powerful missile and a grasping cleaver claw. Combine Dr. Terror with the Doom Drones Strafer or with Hacker's Cyborg Half Lesion for increased fire power.

Animated series

The Centurions

Doc Terror was the main villain of The Centurions animated series, and appeared in nearly every episode.

Dr. Terror before becoming a cyborg

Dr. Terror's origin was told in a flashback in the episode "Man or Machine Part 2". He was once a respected member of a council of scientists who worked to make the world a better place. He in particular sought to explore the potential for merging humans with machines (cyborgs) in order to replace lost limbs and combat immobilizing diseases. The others on the council did not share his enthusiasm, some due to fear and others due to conflicting interests. After being stymied for so long the doctor sought to prove the worth of his theories and inventions by turning a volunteer into a cyborg. His colleagues did not help him, rather they denied him any support at all, so he hired the dimwitted yet competent criminal Hacker to obtain the needed parts from his colleagues and then turned Hacker into the first prototype cyborg. When the two presented the results at the council, Dr. Terror was immediately removed from it for the illicit means by which he had obtained the parts and the immoral experimentation he had done with them. He was furious and returned home with Hacker. Hacker then asked the doctor to reverse the mechanization, which he could not. In a fit of rage Hacker attacked the equipment in the lab, which ended up breaking off and severely injured Terror. Needless to say, the doctor was dying, but Hacker managed to save his life by making use of the same equipment that had turned him into a cyborg. What emerged from the operation was less human than Hacker, horribly disfigured and hellbent on avenging himself on the world, the new Dr. Terror started preparing to conquer the ungrateful inhabitants of Earth. His fury was further fueled by the use of his technologies in the medical fields and their later use in creating the exoskeletal suits for his nemeses, the Centurions.

In episode 15, "Cold Calculations", Doc Terror attempted to steal the last of the world's silver supplies from Geneva by having his daughter Amber make a costume that looked like Jake Rockwell in Fireforce and attack the silver vault with Hacker and a several Doom Drones. He then attempted to kill his inside man in Geneva using a robot sea serpent. The Centurions stopped the robot serpent, thwarted the theft and cleared Jake's name.

Doc Terror talks about the advancements in factory automation

In episode 17, "Three Strikes and You're Dead" Doc Terror produced an educational video on the advancements in robotic automation in factories.


In the DC Comics Centurions story "Time Bomb" Doc Terror attempted to trick the Centurions by having them take a bomb, disguised as a recovered a cyborg Eskimo, to Sky Vault. Terror attempted to distract the Centurions by having them chase three fake missiles across the globe. Ace McCloud beamed to China where he fought a flying aircraft carrier full of Strafers. Jake Rockwell beamed to Africa where he fought a robot duplicate of Hacker. Max Ray followed a missile to Lake Michigan. Eventually Max saw through this trick at the last moment and beamed the Eskimo into deep space before he exploded.[1]


  • Kenner Centurions Dr. Terror (1986)
Dr. Terror comes with Syntax, three-piece claw, missile and helmet.
Dr. Terror can combine with Lesion, a Strafer or a Traumatizer.
Syntax can combine with Hacker, a Strafer, a Traumatizer or Lesion to form Uniborg.



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