Dr. Rizwan Ashfaq

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Dr. Rizwan Ashfaq
Dr. Rizwan Ashfaq
Born 1992
Gujrat, Pakistan
Residence Montreal, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Education Doctor of Philosophy
Occupation Lawyer
Years active 2007 - Present
Height 175 cm
Religion Islam

Dr. Rizwan Ashfaq is a Pakistani-born Canadian lawyer and immigration consultant.[1] He is 32 years old. He deals in all types of immigration law services in Canada.[2]

Early Life

Dr. Rizwan Ashfaq was born in Gujrat, Pakistan..[1] He moved to Canada when he was 15 to start his own business. He is a highly educated person. He has the degrees of Master of Laws and Doctor of Philosophy.[2]


Dr. Rizwan Ashfaq is a professional immigration consultant and lawyer in Montreal, Canada. He moved to Canada in 2007 and started his career over there. Today, Rizwan is a well-known name in Montreal's desi society because of his legal assistance in civil immigration services.


Dr. Rizwan Ashfaq is 175 centimeters tall. His eyes are Brown, and his hair is black. His Zodiac Sign is Capricorn.

Facts and Trivia

  • Dr. Rizwan Ashfaq moved to Canada when he was 15.
  • He is a lawyer and Immigration consultant in Montreal.
  • He is a popular name among the desi community of Montreal.
  • He is a certified language translator for Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi.

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