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Doom Bap (Producer) Ponishare-verified.png
Ginkgo Beats
Born Ben Ruebelmann
6 June 1990 (1990-06-06) (age 33)
Portland, Oregon
Residence Los Angeles, California
Nationality American
Other names Gingko Beats
Citizenship American
Occupation Producer
Years active 2010 - Present
Home town Portland

Doom Bap (born Ben Ruebelmann on June 6th, 1990), is an American producer in Los Angeles, California. He is well known for his incredible beats and production skills and is regarded as one of the greatest up-and-coming producers of the 2020’s.

Early Life

He was largely influenced by the sounds of Hip-Hop and multiple other genres. Doom Bap’s beats are praised for their heavy use of sampling, which ranges from Classic Funk all the way to Rock, and even Reggae. His production style is heavily influenced by the “boom-bap” sound of the 1990s, which was characterized by hard-hitting drums, chopped samples, and a focus on lyricism.


His attention to detail and ability to create a cohesive sound out of disparate elements cemented his place in Hip-Hop and made him a go-to producer throughout his time in Portland, Oregon. Doom Bap’s ability to bring the heat to life helped him leave his mark on the music scene. Doom Bap brings a unique perspective and approach to the industry.

Whether through innovative sampling techniques or virtuosic instrumentals, Doom Bap continues to push the boundaries of what was possible in Hip-Hop production, paving the way for future generations of producers. The blend of traditional sampling with the dawn of digital innovation prove to be a perfect combination for Doom Bap and his production.

His vision, passion and dedication to the music has raised the bar for the continued evolution of Hip-Hop and continues to inspire the new wave. of artists and producers to carry on the legacy. Doom Bap’s ability to create beats that are both temple-pulsing and soulful ranks him amongst the best producers in the music industry.

Producing Style

Some of Doom Bap’s influences include Rick Rubin, Vinny Paz, A Tribe Called Quest, and more. These musicians are all considered classics in the Hip-Hop canon, and their impact on the genre cannot be overstated.

Doom Bap is a true master of his craft, and his beats will continue to inspire and influence hip hop producers for generations to come as Hip-Hop producers in the 1990’s to now play a crucial role in shaping the sound and style of one of the most influential musical genres of all time. The decade saw a wave of innovative producers who experimented with new sounds and techniques, creating iconic beats and tracks that defined the era and continue to inspire new generations of musicians today.

He has also become a prominent figure out on the California music scene. From his groundbreaking collaborations with local artists to his work with the exclusive music group Dracula Gang. His distinctive production style, popularized by thunderous beats, thick basslines, and sample-heavy arrangements, set a new standard for Hip-Hop production in the music industry.

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