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Born Dillan Malachi Kenyon
Nashville, Tennessee
Nationality American
Occupation American Rapper
Years active 2
Known for Rapping/Acting/YouTube
Home town Nashville
Net worth $3,000
Height 5 ft 2 in


Dillan Malachi Kenyon, known professionally as Dillanm, is an American Rapper born in Nashville, Tennessee. Dillanm started music at the early age of 4 when his mother would buy him a Pearl 5 piece drum set for Christmas, later learning guitar and incorporating it into his music later in life.

Early life

Dillan Malachi Kenyon was born November 17th, 2003 in Nashville, Tennessee to a white mom and dad. He was raised by his mother in Nashville and he began rapping in his early teens at 13 years old. He would start in 7th grade when he was pulled from public school a year later. Dillan is still in school as well as balancing school and rap.

Tragedy or Gift From Above?

In March of 2020, Dillan's home got damaged by a tornado, forcing Dillan to put a hault on music for a while, as he had to pack up his whole house in one weekend. This would make him move only 30 minutes away however, as his mother's friends had just moved out of their house that week, giving them a house to live in for the time being. This looked to be the lowest point in Dillan's rap career, until he set up his studio and started recording again. It would be here that Dillan would buy DistroKid, a music publishing website, and release "Forget Me" with Michael Stretch. This was Dillan's first big song. The track gained 800 plays almost overnight.


In March of 2021, Dillan was asked to make a theme song for YouTuber "Justcools" [1] titled "Keepin' It Cool (Theme From: Justcools)" for the streamer's YouTube channel and Dillan happily did it.

On March 18, 2019 Dillan cameoed as himself in a commercial for the Perthes Kids Website,[2] alongside Earl Cole.

In July of 2021, Dillanm's song "Green Light" with Michael Stretch (produced by thatboywish) went viral and gained 11,689 plays in one week. This would later pave the way for his songs "London N' France" and "LATELY" to blow up and get 1,000 plays as well. This would eventually lead to Dillan being voted #1 on the list "Top Rising Rappers Of 2021" on the website infofamouspeople.com on July 10,2021, where he still resides as number one to this day.

It is estimated that Dillan's net worth is roughly $3,000.


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