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Digital Grocer
Type Podcast and Digital Platform
Industry eCommerce, Grocery Retail
Headquarters Charlotte, NC, USA
Area served Worldwide
Key people
  • Sylvain Perrier (Host, CEO of Mercatus)
  • Mark Fairhurst (Co-host, VP of Marketing at Mercatus)


Digital Grocer offers a podcast that provides insights into the grocery eCommerce industry. It covers topics such as consumer behavior, technology trends, and interviews with industry leaders. The podcast aims to serve the growing number of consumers who have shifted to online grocery shopping, a market expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

Influence and Impact

The podcast has been influential in shaping discussions around grocery eCommerce. It has been cited for its contributions to understanding the digital transformation of the grocery industry and has been recognized for its in-depth analysis and forward-looking perspectives.

Latest Episode

Grocery Industry Laws


Sylvain Perrier, the CEO of Mercatus, and Mark Fairhurst, the VP of Marketing at Mercatus, co-host the podcast. Perrier is known for his expertise in digital retail, while Fairhurst brings a marketing perspective to the discussions.

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