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Digital Puneet
Born 20 November 1992 (1992-11-20) (age 31)
Nationality Indian
Education LLM in Intellectual Property Rights
Years active 2012–present
Known for Business consultancy, Trademark advocacy

Digital Puneet, originally known as dv Puneet Kumar, was born on November 20, 1992, in Delhi. His journey into the realm of business consultancy began in 2012, eventually leading him to specialize in Intellectual Property Rights. Renowned for his expertise in trademark advocacy, Puneet has played a pivotal role in bridging knowledge gaps within the business community.

Early Life and Education

Born in Delhi, Puneet Kumar demonstrated an early interest in business consultancy. His educational journey included completing a master's degree in law with a specialization in Intellectual Property Rights (LLM) and an LLB, forming the academic foundation for his later pursuits.

Entrepreneurial Genesis (2012-2016)

Commencing his career in 2012, Puneet initially focused on providing leads and consultations to tax professionals and legal experts. By 2016, he expanded his services to encompass taxation matters, leading to a profound realization of the lack of understanding among entrepreneurs, particularly regarding Intellectual Property, especially trademarks.

The Emergence of a Trademark Advocate (2018)

In 2018, armed with a master's degree in law, Puneet decided to address the identified knowledge gap. His mission was to become a guiding force for businesses navigating the complexities of trademarks. Recognizing the impact of the digital age, he delved into the online realm to effectively disseminate knowledge on trademarks and Intellectual Property rights.

Digital Transformation (2020)

Adapting to the challenges posed by the global pandemic in 2020, Puneet transitioned his mission online, adopting the moniker "Digital Puneet." This shift facilitated a broader audience reach, enabling individuals to access trademark-related insights from the safety of their homes.

Online Presence and Educational Initiatives (2021-2022)

Between 2021 and 2022, Digital Puneet's online presence soared. Renowned for his concise yet informative videos, he aimed to simplify the complexities of trademarks, making them accessible to all. These efforts established him as a leading educator in the field.

Vision for 2023

As of 2023, Digital Puneet's role has evolved beyond that of a mere educator. He now offers practical solutions through various mediums such as online seminars, webinars, meetings, and personal interactions. His commitment remains unwavering—to ensure that businesses of all sizes understand and harness the power of trademarks effectively.

The Significance of Trademarks

Digital Puneet's journey underscores the importance of trademarks as more than just legal compliance. They are a beacon of protection, a symbol of uniqueness, and a cornerstone of success for businesses. In a competitive and innovative world, trademarks guide businesses toward prosperity.

Awards and Recognitions

Digital Puneet's exceptional contributions have garnered recognition through prestigious awards, including the Indian Icon Award 2023 for Excellence in Intellectual Property Rights, Rising India Young Entrepreneur Awards 2023, and the MSME National Business Excellence Award for Outstanding Contributions in Trademark Laws and Digital Business Services.

Online Presence

Digital Puneet maintains a robust online presence through Instagram and various publications, including The Entrepreneur Bytes, Xpress Times, Indian Xpress, Bharat Exclusive, Best of Hindustan, and Hindustan Metro. These platforms showcase his dedication to educating and empowering businesses in the digital age