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Industry CBDC
Founder(s) Jeremy Wilson
Richard Ells
Susan Friedman
Gilbert Verdian
Jannah Patchay
Key people Jeremy Wilson
Richard Ells
Susan Friedman
Gilbert Verdian
Jannah Patchay
Services Digital Currency
Employees 11-50 employees

Digital Pound Foundation (founded June 22, 2021) is an independent organization working towards the implementation of a well-designed digital pound.


The Digital Pound Foundation was incorporated on 22 June 2021 to work with a variety of stakeholders and participants. Whilst most CBDC experiments have involved private sector technology providers, the overwhelming majority of these experiments, to date, have not involved participation from other private sector actors.[1]

The Digital Pound Foundation is unique in proposing a model whereby the public and private sectors can fully engage in the design, development, and adoption of a digital Pound, thus contributing to its successful roll-out and helping drive forward the UK’s transition to a digital economy.[2]

A group of highly regarded, respected, and experienced high-tech, innovation, and regulatory experts came together to launch the Digital Pound Foundation, an independent forum to influence the implementation of the UK's digital Pound, ensuring the United Kingdom's place in the emerging global digital landscape.[3]

The Foundation conducts research, advocacy, exploratory projects, and multi-stakeholder collaboration concerning the UK's proposed digital Pound design, implementation, and roll-out. The infrastructure created by a digital pound provides material benefits that will have repercussions for society.[4]

The Foundation draws on the expertise and practical experience of its members to conduct research, advocacy, ‘hands on’ exploratory projects, and multi-stakeholder collaboration in the design, development, implementation, and roll-out of the UK’s proposed digital Pound as a means of securing the UK’s place in the emerging global digital landscape.[5]

In addition to its research and policy activities, the Foundation also acts as a hub to collate and share a comprehensive set of resources about the progress towards a digital Pound and movements towards the creation of other similar digital currencies globally.[6][7]

Team Members

  • Jeremy Wilson - Former Vice-Chairman, Barclays Corporate
  • Richard Ells - Founder & CEO, Electroneum
  • Susan Friedman - Head of Policy, Ripple
  • Gilbert Verdian - Founder & CEO, Quant
  • Jannah Patchay - Founder, Markets Evolution
  • Phil Kenworthy - Founder, Payment Systems Consultancy
  • Lee Schneider - General Counsel, Ava Labs
  • Jim Ford - Founder, JR Payments Consultancy Services
  • Victoria Thompson - Co-Founder & CEO, Orora
  • David Putts - Chief Growth Officer, Billon Group
  • Melanie Budden - Managing Director, The Realization Group
  • Martin Hargreaves - Chief Product Officer, Quant Network
  • Nick Davies - Innovation lead
  • Claire Conby - Executive Director & Chief Risk Officer, Billon Group
  • John Velissarios - Global Managing Director, Accenture
  • James Wallis - Vice President, RippleX
  • Jonathan Marriott - Marketing Manager, Electroneum
  • Sean Devaney - Vice President, Strategy, Banking and Financial Markets, CGI

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