Desert Warrior Snarl

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Desert Warrior Snarl
JustIToys character
JustIToys Desert Warrior Snarl box
Created by

Species Transformer


Alternate mode

Robotic stegosaurus
Tech specs

ST09 IN06 SP03 EN09

RN04 CO08 FB01 SK04

Desert Warrior Snarl is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Snarl made by JustIToys in 2006.


Desert Warrior Snarl is an homage to 1985 Transformers Dinobot Snarl. He was sometimes refered to as simply Desert Warrior, leaving out the name Snarl.

According to the tech specs given on the back on the box Desert Warrior Snarl very tough and strong, but is slow and lacks firepower.


The first prototype photos of Desert Warrior Snarl appeared on the internet in December 2005.[1]

Desert Warrior Snark went up for preorder in December 2005.[2]

Photos of the box for Desert Warrior Snarl first appeared on the internet in January 2006.[3] Later that month it went up for preorder.[4]

Reprolabels has released a set of replacement labels for this toy.


The WTF@TFW podcast for June 10th, 2010 selected a picture of the Smallest Dinorobots Comic Version as one of the New Picture Picks.[5]

Fictional biography

The Dinorobots are a rowdy, arrogant, lowbrow, disobedient band of warriors that some of their allies would rather scrap than deal with. They're also one of the most devastatingly powerful and close-knit combat units in the army, being incredibly powerful in robot mode and taking alternate modes base on the dinosaurs, the most powerful creatures ever to roam the Earth.


  • JustIToys Smallest Dinobots Desert Warrior Snarl (2006)
A new mold based on Generation 1 Snarl. Turns from humanoid robot to robotic dinosaur. Comes with a collector card, instructions, labels, two fists, sword and gun.
This release of the mold is missing the missile launcher and missiles which shipped with later versions of the mold. They shipped with the first release of Bombardier.
The box for Desert Warrior Snarl features screen captures from the Transformers animated series, a picture of Smallest Meister and teases the upcoming Flamethrower toy.
  • JustIToys Smallest Dinobots Prototype Desert Warrior Snarl (2006)
A recolor of the Desert Warrior Snarl toy in Diaclone colors. Limited to 999 pieces.
  • JustIToys Smallest Dinobots Prototype Desert Warrior Snarl gold (2006)
A gold recolor of Desert Warrior Snarl. Limited to 10 pieces randomly inserted in the Prototype Desert Warrior Snarl boxes.
  • JustIToys Smallest Dinorobots Dark Retribution Black Version (2009)
A five-pack with the Smallest Dinorobots in a black recolor. Limited to 500 pieces.
  • JustIToys Smallest Dinorobots Dark Retribution Black Version red (2009)
Randomly inserted among the black versions, but the toys are red. Limited to 10 pieces.
  • JustIToys Smallest Dinorobots Comic Version (2010)
A five-pack of the Smallest Dinorobots in a Marvel Comics accurate colors. Limited to 300 pieces.
  • Justitoys WST Dinorobots (2012)
A five-pack of the original versions of the WST Dinorobots. Limited to 800 pieces.
  • Reprolabels Smallest Transformers Snarl
A set of labels intended for Desert Warrior Snarl and his recolors.[6]



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