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Dennis Fountaine is An entrepreneurial Inventor and Technologist, Mr. Fountaine has been creating and developing new technologies and products for the past 20+ years. Mr. Fountaine invented the very first wireless Bluetooth ear-piece for mobile devices, the very first consumer GPS Locating System for automobiles, a variety of game changing mobile apps and numerous pet products, ice cream desserts and consumer electronics.

Additionally, he has also invented the very first wearable bodycam video recording system for law enforcement along with other law enforcement products, children’s toys, entertainment-based products, Alexa Voice products and sports and health related products. Mr. Fountaine holds numerous Intellectual Property Patents in various markets and has a successful track record of inventing, developing, licensing, and selling his IP.Mr. Fountaine’s experience, successes, and failures along with his keen sense to detect emerging market trends enable his future product concepts to become poised as the market leader in innovative and emerging products.

Meta Republix

Meta Republix, LLC., is an emerging technology company, which specializes in developing new technologies for NFT and the MetaVerse.Meta Republix is currently developing and launching various NFT campaigns to enable the general consumer (who may not understand NFTs or even have a Crypto Wallet) to create their own NFTs and Mint them on the Blockchain without any prior NFT knowledge.

Some of these campaigns will give the consumer the ability to turn their families and pets into NFTs as well as their life stories.The company, under the leadership of its Founder, Inventor, Dennis Fountaine is not only making NFT creation and ownership much easier but also broadening the applications and uses of NFTs and the Consumer’s role in the MetaVerse.