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Yehya Antoun Saade[1] known as a controversial young director; who created a revolutionary movement in the visual arts, film and music industry driven by his philosophy in life and his Surrealist spirit.

Early life

Born on May 18th 1975 [2] in the village of Zouk Mikael,Lebanon - Middle East. Father Antoun Saleh Saade, mother Saad El Rajaa Magid El Hachem Saade; sisters Iman and Nidal. Though Yehya is well known as a music video director, his work is a visual combination of philosophy, vision and messages. During his first year, and due to the Lebanese war; Yehya moved with his family to Cyprus. His parent's political background contributed in his revolutionary attitude and general philosophy in life.[3]

Since his childhood, Yehya proved his creativity in the artistic world, combined with a love for life and exploring the world. In his early years Yehya showed a love for drawing and painting. In Cyprus Yehya studied in Saint Mary's Catholic school, and then moved to Green Hills a Lebanese management school. Yehya's family moved back to Lebanon in 1985, to live in Ras Beirut; since due to political reasons they could not go back to their hometown.

Exploration & Studies

During his childhood Yehya's talents were directed to drawing and painting, in 1992 he moved back to his hometown in Zouk Mikael, and studied interior design. During this period he met his dancing teacher Sami Khoury while playing the role of the poet Abou Chabke[4] in a play presented by the local village club "Animation Sporting Club". His passion for dancing and body language grew and he joined the dance group Hayakel, where he spent 9 years with Sami khoury exploring the world of theater and body expression. After getting his degree in Interior Design, Yehya enrolled in the Lebanese University in Furn El Shebak[5] to continue his studies. At university Yehya stood out as a creative and talented student, yet he refused to be bounded by class walls and limitations of rules. A world out there was waiting for him to explore. So, during the last year of university he decided that it was time to move on. His dancing career helped him discover and appreciate the human body; believing in our right to love, respect, express, and share the beauty of our soul’s sanctuary, during his university years, he agreed to pose as a model for students studying plastic art.


Once again a renaissance of vision, colors, harmony, and unity of image developed into a concept, Yehya the art director, taking his first professional steps. It was once said that before Yehya Saade the local market had not yet heard of Art Direction, some even said he was the first to establish art direction in the Middle East.


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