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Samoud Khan (also known as Sammoud Khan, or Commander Sammoud) is a former Afghan militia commander from Logar Province.[1][2]

Asadullah Rahman, the youngest Guantanamo detainee, recounted being apprehended in Samoud's compound when it was raided by American troops.[1] Asadullah described being sold into servitude to Samoud, when he was about ten years old. By day he worked in Samoud's kitchen. Asadullah said that, by night, he was forced to perform sexual services for Samoud's men.

The San Francisco Chronicle quoted Mohammed Sabir, a local police official, who confirmed that "Commander Samoud", was not associated with the Taliban, that he was a simple criminal, who terrorized the nearby villages, and whose gang numbered about thirty men.[1]

During his Combatant Status Review Tribunal a young Guantanamo detainee named Habib Rahman, who acknowledged working as a cook for Samoud, told his Tribunal that they could ask Samoud their questions himself, as he was still a prisoner in Bagram.[citation needed]

Another Guantanamo detainee, Mohabet Khan, said he was forcibly conscripted into Samoud's forces shortly before Samoud's compound was captured by the Americans.[citation needed]

A third Guantanamo detainee, Shardar Khan acknowledged working as a bodyguard for Samound.[2] He testified that Samoud's local enemy was another militia leader named Abdul Ali, who had murdered Samoud's son.[citation needed]