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Patrik Selin
Born Patrik Selin
February 3, 1965 (1965-02-03) (age 59)
Ljungarum, Sweden
Residence London, England
Nationality Swedish
Occupation CEO, Bodog Europe, owner of Bodog Network

Patrik Selin (born February 3, 1965 in Ljungarum, Sweden) is the Chief Executive Officer of Bodog Europe, an online gaming and entertainment portal.

Online Poker - The Early Years

Mr. Selin is oftentimes referred to as one of the pioneers of online poker.[by whom?] Following a period of senior management in the internet banking sector in the late 1990s, he assumed the helm as President & CEO of Ongame, one of the online gaming industry’s most meteoric success stories.Template:Peacock term At the time of Mr. Selin’s appointment as CEO in 2004, Ongame was small poker software provider focusing on niche geographies, but under his leadership during the years to follow it evolved into the largest poker network in the world.

In 2005, Ongame was anointed "IT Company of the Year" by Sweden's prestigious business magazine Veckans Affärer,[1] beating out such powerhouses as Ericsson, Apple Inc., Vodafone and Microsoft for the top spot.

Such remarkable success did not go unnoticed. In 2005, Mr. Selin helped orchestrate the sale of Ongame to the Austrian, publicly-traded Bwin (then Interactive Entertainment AG), a transaction which was completed in early 2006.[2]

The purchase consideration was based on a contractually-agreed valuation multiple of 5.37 of Ongame’s 2005 net revenues, an amount exceeding 475,000,000 Euros (40% of which would be payable as betandwin stock). Ongame remains the fourth-largest poker network in the world [3] and the sale of Ongame to bwin at the apex of Ongame’s success remains one of the largest M&A transactions in igaming’s history.

Following the sale of Ongame in 2006, Mr. Selin left to assume the position of CEO at, a successful European online operator.[4]

Bodog Network and Bodog Europe

In September, 2009,[5] Mr. Selin announced that he had acquired the rights to source code of the "Bodog" poker product. Moreover, it was announced that he had secured contractual commitments from the three then-current Bodog brand licenses - the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group (operating, Haydock Entertainment (operating in Asia) and Bodog Europe (operating and - that all three would abandon their current poker offerings and join Selin's new poker network, which is scheduled for launch in early 2011. Selin further secured the rights from the licensing enterprise to market the new poker network worldwide under the "Bodog" brand.[6]

In June 2010, Selin's relationship with the Bodog brand expanded yet further, when it was announced that, in addition to his role as owner of the Bodog Poker Network, he would additionally assume the role of Chief Executive Officer of Bodog Europe,[7] the Antiguan-licensed online operator that holds the exclusive rights to use the "Bodog" brand to market non-poker gaming offerings in Europe. Bodog Europe offers online sports betting and casino offerings in addition to its current poker platform, has been in-market for some time, and is the Official Betting and Gaming Partner of Fulham Football Club.[8]

Personal life

Selin resides in London, England with his wife.

Selin became an avid poker player and a voracious consumer of poker literature in 2003 upon joining Ongame, and he polished his skills both online and during terrestrial tournaments. He finished in the winners circle in the Ritz Club Poker Tournament in 2006, pocketing £22,000 and a first-class trip and entry into the World Series of Poker (WSOP); he finished in the money at the main event, banking an additional $26,000. In 2007, he was runner-up in the National Poker League tournament held in London, England.

No stranger to the online felts either, Selin describes his style of play as variable, but in live tournaments as “tight aggressive” and in cash games “loose aggressive”. Online, he goes by the handle “Silent Selin”.[9]


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