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Nesan Pather is a designer, actor, musician and author from Durban, South Africa.[1]

Designer, Author and Musician, Nesan Pather


Nesan Pather was born on 7 March 1983 in Durban, South Africa and is of Tamil descent. He attended school at Rose Heights Primary School and Arena Park Secondary School in the Indian suburb of Chatsworth, Durban in South Africa, and is a graduate of the University Of KwaZulu/Natal, Durban University of Technology and the VEGA Imagination Lab. A graphic designer, copywriter and brand manager by profession, Nesan has been involved in the media and advertising business in South Africa for over 10 years. He has been awarded many accolades across the various media and artistic disciplines within South Africa. His eclectic graphic design style stems from his implementation of design, illustration and mixed media into one work of art.[2] Whilst receiving accolades as an accomplished visual artist, Nesan Pather is also an acclaimed musician, actor, and writer in South Africa.

Contribution to Music in Society

Nesan Pather has made significant contributions to music in South Africa, both Indian Classical, as well as Contemporary, music. Nesan Pather was initially trained in Indian Classical Music playing the Harmonium and Tabla as instruments of choice, and he received numerous awards for music in the regional and national Tamil Eistedfods that took place in South Africa for the years 1994 to 1998. Following in the footsteps of international contemporaries, he consequently crossed the gap into contemporary music under the moniker Eighteen Eighteen since 2004.[3] Capitalising on a growing audience of Indian youth in South Africa for an artist from within their ranks, Nesan slowly achieved worldwide appeal for his music in the genres of Hip Hop and R&B. His debut release album, Urban Poison, and its' follow-up Suburban Bliss, were marked successes in South Africa.[4] He has since collaborated with many local South African musical artists and has been featured on national and international television and radio, thus making the Eighteen Eighteen social networking pages amongst the most popular in his country amongst youth of all races.[5] His latest offering, The Life & Rhymes Vol.1, spawned the successful hit, The Secret, in South Africa which is slowly gaining recognition internationally.[6]

Acting career

Nesan Pather made his acting debut in the South African action comedy movie, Run For Your Life 2, directed by the popular South African Indian director, Kumaran Naidu, and released commercially in 2007.[7] He has also played cameo roles in many local South African films, and most recently starred in the popular Attack of The Indian Werewolf by the debut South African Indian producer and director, Masood Boomgard.[8] Nesan is also famous for portraying a zany online character, a musical artist named Rajiv, in spoof music videos released on the Internet to massive appeal from diverse youth within South Africa, as well as writing songs and performing as a part of another humorous online character, a band named D-Pak & The Post-Its. The viral videos stemming from these two online characters have seen an increase in distribution and viewing amongst youth of all backgrounds across the world.[9]

Contributions to Art and Literature

Whilst Nesan Pather is also a multi-disciplined visual artist, whose work across traditional and digital illustration, painting, installation and sculpture has won him numerous awards throughout his early career with his artwork being exhibited in the Durban Cultural & Exhibition Centre, his current contribution to the world of art is sporadic. Nesan has consequently moved into the challenge of writing within the literary environment. Initial forays by Nesan into the writing genre were during his childhood when he contributed to the South African youth television writing competition, KTV Write Stuff, placing highly in 1996, but he abandoned this pursuit in furtherance of his musical career.[10] His debut novel, 1994, released in 2011 is a fictional account of life in the Indian suburb of Chatsworth, South Africa. It was based on Nesan’s childhood growing up as a member of this community in Durban, South Africa, in the run-up to the first democratic election in this country.[11]

Personal life

Nesan Pather is married to the popular South African Indian actress and television presenter, Kajal Maharaj, since 2010.[12] He continues to work and reside in Durban, South Africa.


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