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Fresku, officially named Roy michael Reymound, was born on the 26th of October 1986 in Eindhoven, a city in the south of the Netherlands. Fresku is a rapper, a comedian and an actor. In 2006 he started a rap-group, called Zwarte Schapen (Black Sheep), with his current manager. He got famous of short youtube films he shot, where he played as Gino Pietermaai and other gangsters, and of his very original style of rapping.


Fresku's nationality is Dutch, but his father is from Curacao, and lives in Holland since he is 14 years old. He lived in Curacao from his 7th until his 14th birthday, and before that he lived in the Netherlands aswell. When he returned from Curacao he found out that his birthplace, chanced since his youth. For example, he said, foreigners had a bigger role in telling jokes than the original Dutch people. At the time he returned to Eindhoven he already loved hip-hop, because he got in touch with it on Curacao. His favorite rappers were Xzibit, Dr.Dre, Eminem and Bone Thugs. His inspiration to become a rapper came from them, but his inspiration that he used to write his raps, came from a far older hip-hop style. When he returned to Eindhoven his favorite rappers where Masta Ace, Talib Kweli, KRS-1 and Rakim, who inspired him to rap. Soon he started to write his own rhymes, in a whole new style, that he introduced in small rap battles on the streets. He met his best friend Kareem on a concert of his, where Kareem told the crowd to show how good they could rap, and Fresku decided to go on the stage. Kareem (also known as Kareemineel (referring to crimineel, the dutch word for criminal)) was sold at once and until this day they never left each other. Kareem and Fresku both have the same message to tell the world, but have a total different style of telling it. They both want to see more Dutch-Marocans and Dutch-Antillians being together positively, instead of downgrading themselves. They also want the people not to believe everything the press tells them, but also think about their own experience. The name Fresku comes from Papiaments, the original language of the Dutch Antilles, and means rude, what explains Fresku's rap style perfectly.


In 2008 he made his first track, called Brief aan Kees, what means letter to Kees, which was an indirect applying letter to Kees de Koning, the boss of TopNotch, a music publishing company. Half a year later, in 2009, the rapper Sticks had shown the track to De Koning and De Koning offered Fresku a contract, which he signed joyfully. In 2009 he got the State Award 2009, for best single, for his first single, Twijfel (doubt). For this single he also got the Lijn5 Award and "The Rookie of the year" award. He made his second single in the same year with the singer Neenah, called Ik ben hier (I'm here). Instead of hating MC's who hated him, he learned from them and got inspired by them. It was just a matter of time before he became more famous and a better rapper than all of them. In 2010 he launched his first album, which was named Fresku, and got nominated for best artist by the State Award 2010. He won the award for the best clip, with the song Kutkop, and the award for the best album, with the song Fresku. In 2010 he also played in the Dutch movie New Kids Turbo as a garbage man. In 2011 he shot the movie Alleen (alone).

Many people say we spread even more hatred, that pointing your fingers doesn't add anything to the integration, and that it just brings a gap between the majority and the minority. But WE say: The gap is there already. It just needs to be recognized to be closed. To tell about a problem is something totally different than pointing fingers. We want an united country. Who points fingers can't form a fist.- Fresku & Zwarte Schapen