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Abdullah Wazir is a citizen of Afghanistan who was held in extrajudicial detention in the United States Guantanamo Bay detainment camps in Cuba. American intelligence analysts estimate that he was born in 1979, in Sheikh Amir, Afghanistan. His Guantanamo Internment Serial Number was 976.

Abdullah Wazir was captured in Afghanistan in August 2002 and transferred to Afghanistan on December 12, 2007.[1]

Combatant Status Review

Press reports

Canadian journalist, and former special assistant to US President George W. Bush, David Frum, published an article based on his own reading of the transcripts from the Combatant Status Review Tribunals, on November 11, 2006.[2]

Wazir's transcript was one of the nine Frum briefly summarized. His comment on Wazir was:

"An Afghan detainee intercepted at the Pakistan border carrying a satellite phone, thousands of dollars in cash, without an identity papers and riding alongside a noted al Qaida explosives expert explained that he had not realized he needed identity papers to cross the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan."

Frum came to the conclusion that all nine of the men whose transcript he summarized had obviously lied.[2]


The Center for Constitutional Rights reports that all of the Afghans repatriated to Afghanistan from April 2007 were sent to Afghan custody in the American built and supervised wing of the Pul-e-Charkhi prison near Kabul.[3]


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