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Also known as King Legend 757
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Deion Campbell - Writer, Author, Podcast Host, Public Figure
Born 1993/10/28
Hampton, VA
Nationality African American
Education Southern New Hampshire University
Occupation Podcast Host
Years active 2020 - Present
Organization iHeartRadio
Known for Covid-19 Survivor Story / Book, King Legend Photography
Height 6 ft
Title Podcast Host at iHeartRadio, Author, Writer, Photographer

Deion Campbell is a recent Covid-19 survivor, born and raised in Hampton, VA. He survived a total of twelve days on a ventilator and 40 days in the hospital/rehab. He is best known as @Kinglegend757 on social media. He was originally a professional photographer and author. His latest book was titled, "Ventilator: A Covid-19 Survivor Story." Since going through the recovery process of having Covid-19, his photography career had to be put on pause due to nerve damage that developed in his right arm. Campbell is now the host of his own podcast titled, "King Legend Talks." The show is available to listeners on iheartradio.

Early Life

Deion Campbell's 10th Birthday

Deion Campbell was born in the City of Hampton, Virginia on October 28, 1993. He was the youngest of 5 boys and no sisters. Campbell was always interested in creating things even at a young age. When he was just 13 years old he began shooting his own Star Wars-inspired videos and would edit them on his computer. He also would write his first book, titled Tony's Decision Life or Death. Campbell knew he had a talent for writing when he was a student attending Cary Elementary School. When he was in the 5th grade he received a perfect score on his writing Standard of Learning Test (SOL). This test was designed to challenge students to see where their learning comprehension skills were currently at. Students needed to pass this test to move on to the next grade in school in the state of Virginia. Campbell also was a fan of the NFL and played little league football for the Y.H. Thomas Buccaneers and would finish his little league career with the Woodland Wildcats. He played middle linebacker, tight end, running back, kicker, and even defensive line throughout his childhood. As the young athlete grew old, he began working his first job at Liberty Tax Service when he attended Phoebus High School. At the age of 15 years old with a workers permit required for minors to work, Campbell knew he wanted to be successful and start to make money.

He gave up his passion for sports to work a job while attending High School. Eventually, Campbell would get a job at Pizza Hut as a cook when he turned 16 years old. There he would become shift manager at the age of 18 years old and started working on his leadership skills by leading a crew of employees at such a young age. Even working two jobs while attending school was not enough to feed Campbell's hunger for success. After getting his high school diploma from Phoebus High School, he would use his newfound free time to start searching for a job that would pay him more money. When he was 20 years old he started working for Peninsula Vending Company. He would transport products from the warehouse and fill up vending machines for a living. The pay was good enough for him to leave his management position at pizza hut, but that still didn't make Campbell leave. In Fact, Campbell would end up not only working for the Vending Company and Pizza Hut, but he would also become a car salesman for Nick's Car Lot. Working three jobs eventually taught Campbell that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He couldn't see himself working for someone else the way he was for his entire life. That was the moment Campbell dug deep down into his roots to find the passion he fell in love with earlier in his life when he attended high school. Campbell enrolled in Photography and Video classes while attending school and truly enjoyed picking up a camera learning about it. After rediscovering his passion for photography, Campbell started King Legend Photography.

The brand would grow to be a household name in his city, landing him the rank influencer among other well-known creatives in his city.


Deion Campbell Billboard

Deion Campbell started his career off as a professional photographer for his brand King Legend Photography. He took photos of Weddings, Parties, Concerts, and more. His name would grow in his city and eventually his work would travel with him to such places as Las Vegas, Mexico, Miami, Philadelphia, Baltimore, North Carolina, Atlanta, The Bahamas, and more! One of Campbell's favorite moments as a photographer was being able to take photos inside of his favorite NFL football team locker room. Campbell grew up watching the Philadelphia Eagles on television and his favorite all-time Eagle was no other than Brian Dawkins. The thrill of standing inside of the Eagles locker room and standing next to the newly won Super Bowl trophy was just one highlight of many to come in his career as a photographer. Another Highlight of Campbell's career would come from social media. The late Tiny Lister would shout out King Legend 757 on Instagram and the video was reposted by TheShadeRoom and received over 1 Million Views in just 24 hours. Yet again, more great things would spark for the brand. King Legend was featured in many interviews online and on the radio. Snapping photos in his career of Celebrities such as Dababy, Pop Smoke, Gunna, Dave East, and more. There is no telling how far his brand would be today if it weren't for the global pandemic that took the world by storm, Covid-19. Little did Deion Campbell aka King Legend 757 know he would be hit by the pandemic directly in his life by catching Covid-19 himself.

In March 2020 Deion Campbell was struck with Covid-19 and ended up with life-threatening symptoms such as double pneumonia, which lead to him being placed on a ventilator for 12 days fighting for his life in the hospital. Campbell beat the virus after spending over 40 days in the hospital plus rehab. Covid had not finished doing all the damage it could do in Campbell's life. Campbell's battle with Covid-19 left him with nerve damage to his right arm, leaving him with the hard decision to put down his camera. As of right now King Legend Photography is not currently taking photos or videos. Covid-19 may have been the blow needed to push Campbell away from photography at the moment, but if anything it pushed him in an entirely new direction with his career. While going to physical therapy working to gain control of his nerve damage, Campbell wrote a book titled, "Ventilator" about his experience with Covid-19, and started a podcast titled King Legend Talks. The podcast that started off as just a way to stay productive while not being able to build his photography business would eventually grab the attention of listeners all over the country. On King Legend Talks, Campbell interviews Celebrities and Influencers about their road to success in the hope to inspire other people to go follow their dreams. He has interviewed people such as Fat Joe, Jacob Berger, Cupid Shuffle, Third World Don, and many more! The podcast started off only available to listeners on Spotify and Google Podcast but is now available to listeners on iHeartRadio.

King Legend Talks Podcast

Personal Life


Deion Campbell is currently Married and has a baby girl on the way. Expected to be delivered in July 2021. He also has a pet dog named Ricco Bentley Campbell and lives currently lives in Hampton, Virginia. His favorite thing to do in his free time is play Call of Duty Warzone with his friends and make new content on Instagram. He is also a student at Southern New Hampshire University and working on his bachelor's degree in Communications. Campbell is also working on a new book series and his current goal is to get his podcast King Legend Talks nominated for an award at the iHeartRadio Podcast Awards.


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