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Transformers character
Deep Cover box
Name Deep Cover
Series Transformers: Generation 1
First appearance Gone Too Far by Fun Publications
Alternate modes Lamborgini
Function Special Investigator
Rank 5
Sub-group Autobot Cars, ehobby exclusives

Deep Cover is a fictional character from the Transformers series. Deep Cover was introduced in 2003 as an ehobby exclusive recolor of the Autobot character Sideswipe. In 2011 CHMS manufactured a third-party Transformer version of Deep Cover. In 2012 Heerotoysmaker created an unlicensed Smallest Transforming Transformers version of Deepcover.

Transformers: Generation 1

Deep Cover is a fictional Transformers Autobot character.

Fictional biography

Profile: An investigator attached to Cybertron's capital city police force. Dispatched to Earth with his brother Clampdown, with whom he shares a common program architecture, being born of the same-generation product line. He performs solo infiltration/investigation missions, making much use of his image projection, parabolic antenna and size-reduction functions, the last of which can shrink him down as far as 1/40 normal size. Deepcover carries many secrets within him, a fact that sometimes shows in his tired expression. Weapons: Smart missiles, Gyrojet Rifle

Fun Publications

In Gone Too Far by Fun Publications Deep Cover and Tigertrack appeared among the many residents of Axion Nexus at the time Jackpot and Hubcap visited the city.[1]

TFcon comics

The biography for Powered Commander printed in the TFcon 2009 program mentioned that Deep Cover was in charge of many programs to attempt to grow the Autobot ranks after Optimus Prime's ship left Cybertron with the Autobot's greatest warriors.

Deep Cover appeared in the unlicensed mini-comic released for the 2010 TFcon. In the story Nightbird and Anarcy attempt to steal the Master Cannons from the Autobots. Anarchy flies Nightbird to spaceship Maximus where she sneaks past the Autobots Canadian Patriot, R.E.V., Powered Commander, Deep Cover, Proto and Flash. She kills Flamethrower to get to the Master Sword, which she uses to reformat her body to a form based on Valkyrie, then escapes.[2]


Licensed toys

  • Generation 1 Autobot Car Deep Cover (2003)
A recolor of Generation 1 Sideswipe. An ehobby exclusive.

Unlicensed toys

  • CHMS Deluxe Deep Cover - Clear Windows (2011)
A recolor of Classic Sideswipe, a KOtoys store exclusive. Shipped with two handguns. Limited to 380 pieces.
  • CHMS Deluxe Deep Cover - Red Windows (2011)
Nearly the same as the other CHMS Deep Cover, but with red windows. Limited to 100 pieces.
  • Heerotoysmaker Smallest Deep Cover (2012)
An unlicensed remold of Smallest Swipe.
  • CHMS Deluxe Deep Cover - Clear Windows reissue (2012)
A re-release of the CHMS Deep Cover with their improved version of the mold, which has fewer defects.
  • CHMS Deluxe Deep Cover - Red Windows reissue (2012)
A re-release of the CHMS Deep Cover with their improved version of the mold, which has fewer defects.


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