Death-Duel at Daytona Beach!

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Death-Duel at Daytona Beach!  
Author(s) Bill Mantlo
Illustrator Michael Golden
Cover artist Michael Golden
Language English
Series Micronauts
Genre(s) Science fiction
Publisher Marvel Comics
Publication date March 1979
Preceded by Earth!
Followed by A Hunting We Will Go

Death-Duel at Daytona Beach! is the story in issue 3 of the first Micronauts Marvel Comics series.


Ray Coffin, father of Steve, discovers his garden totally destroyed by the fight between the Micronauts and the Acroyear Battle Cruisers of Prince Shaitan. He soon finds the rest of a Cruiser destroyed during the battle. Nearby, Bug, left behind by his teammates, observes the giant human, searching a way to join back his friends.

Meanwhile, the Micronauts try to run away from the space fighter of Shaitan with their own spacecraft, the Endeavor. Both vessels pull fire the one at the other one above an highway, shooting cars, trucks and advertising hoardings. The fight moves above a skateboard track whose seems mountainous area with giants for the opponent.

Understanding that the defensive way means defeat, Acroyear and Commander Rann chooses to counter-attack, using personnel Glider-packs. In front of them, the Cruiser of Prince Shaitan divides itself in several smalls fighters. In the Endeavor Biotron pilots as Princes Mari and Microtron use Thorium Guns against their opponents. The Time Traveler helps them to find a tracking device hiden in the spacecraft.

In the same time, the USAF and the police try to understand that are this strange "toys" who destroy the town.

After a huge battle and a lot of destruction, the Micronauts win. But it wasn't a happy victory. Bug is missing, the Endeavor is crippled and the tracking device permits Baron Karza to discover a new universe to conquer. Their future doesn't seem easy.


Micronauts Others
Prince Acroyear Prince Argon
Commander Arcturus Rann Baron Karza
Biotron Prince Shaitan
Bug Prince Wayfinder
Marionette Steve Coffin
Microtron Time Traveler
Duchess Belladonna
Steve Coffin


  • Micronauts vehicles appearing in this story include the Battle Cruiser.

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