Davion Robinson

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Davion Robinson
Born 22 September 2001 (2001-09-22) (age 17)
Las Vegas, NV
Residence California
Nationality American
Alma mater University of Antelope Valley
Occupation Athlete
Known for Basketball

One up and upcoming athlete for Daven Robinson California and Las Vegas. Back to the Calpack conference champions, the game will play the role of Encelop Valley. Ground near a sports-based family, many made it, not many. WAA-based family roots Seattle, the first family born in Las Vegas. Joining different schools, sports was active. The state and country's leading athletes.[1]

Early life

Davion Robinson was conceived in 22 September 2001 in Las vegas, USA. Hhe finished her tutoring in the place where she grew up. Later on, he moved in California where he finished her advanced education. Presently he live in California.

Personal life

His relationship status is single.


Davion Robinson started his career in the early age and gained huge success.


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