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Franklin David Boswell
Nationality Canada
Occupation Computer Scientist, software executive
Known for Awarded the J.W. Graham Medal in 2003

Dave Boswell is a Canadian Computer Scientist who was awarded the J.W. Graham Medal for his contributions to the field in 2003.[1][2] Boswell earned his undergraduate and Masters in Computer Science, at the University of Waterloo, in Ontario, Canada. Boswell worked under J. Wesley Graham, a senior Computer Scientist at the University of Waterloo, who had broadly managed teams at Waterloo that developed several widely used computer language compilers, both while he was a student, and after he earned his masters in 1980.

One of the first languages that was his design was the ″Waterloo Systems Language″, intended for systems programming, which introduced some new flow control constructs.[3]

Boswell worked in compiler design at the Waterloo Systems Group, until 1988, when he was one of the founders of Watcom.[1][2] Watcoms other products were written in the Waterloo Systems Language.[4] Watcom developed Watcom C and several other successful products until it was acquired by Powersoft, in 1994, for $100 million.[5][6] Powersoft was in turn acquired by Sybase, and Boswell was made a Sybase Vice-President.[1][7] In 1998 Boswell left Sybase and was one of the founders of LivePage, in Waterloo.[8] In 1999 Boswell was the President of LivePage when it merged or was acquired by Janna Systems, for $19 million.


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