Darshan Patil

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Darshan Patil Ponishare-verified.png
Born 2003/05/24
Pachora, Maharashtra
Nationality Indian
Other names Darshan Vikas Patil
Education 12th passed
Years active 5 yrs
Organization Factdarshan Times
Known for News Editor, Musician
Home town Pachora,Maharashtra

Darshan Patil (born on 24th May 2003) is a Musician, youngest news editor, and junior journalist. He creates energetic and soothing beats. Darshan Patil is the founder of Factdarshan Times leading online news platform. He writes for many news websites and local websites on the internet. The way of his news writing and the trend of the profiles and articles made him reputed over the internet.[1] [2]

Early Life

Darshan Patil is from Pachora taluka of Jalgaon district in Maharashtra. He completed his schooling at Sharda English Medium School and his College from Shri Sheth Murlidharji Mansingka College of Arts, Science, and Commerce. During his schooling period, He had a hobby of Singing and creating various music. Taking the part in the annual and local festivals of schools made him confident in this field. Later he learned music from the Bollywood actor, singer, and theaterist, Bhushan Shimpi. He reached Darshan Patil the basics of classical music and Acting. From taking part in auditions and online singing platforms he learned the way to appear in front of the audience.[3]


Darshan Patil started online blogging and news platform as a part-time hobby and other work, By researching, studying he acquired vast knowledge in the field of Internet, websites, SEO, PR, Social Media, and blogging. The knowledge helped him realize that in the news industry and press services there are some partiality and malfunctioning criteria that fade away the true people who are hardworking in their perspective fields. So he thought to begin his own news stage. He began Factdarshan Times online news and made this name a Brand. Presently all the report from India and worldwide with various classes is seen on FD Times. He constantly worked and contributed time for the SEO of FD Times. Following not many days the site got positioning on Google with quicker Articles Indexing. The information from Google and News destinations helped Darshan Patil making Factdarshan Times.[4]


Darshan Patil has worked with The Times of India, Wikipedia, Medium, Open PR, YouthkiAwaaz, MenaFn, Gyaanipedia, Communal News, Times of Malwa, Thrive Global, Matern Media, and many more.


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