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The Darkside, sometimes spelled Darksyde for copyright reasons, was the ship of Megatron and his Predacons in the Beast Wars series.


Animated series

Megatron and his crew stole this vessel at roughly the same time that they stole the Golden Disk, and used it as part of a plan to travel to prehistoric Earth in order to rewrite history and insure that the Decepticons claimed victory in the Great War rather than the Autobots, insuring Predacon rule over Cybertron. However, they were pursued by the Maximals under Optimus Primal in their ship Axalon, with the two ships shooting each other down over Earth. Upon crashing, various discrepancies-including a second moon and excessive levels of Energon-led the two factions to believe that they had landed on a different planet. The Darkside would go on to serve as the as the Predacon base for the ensuing Beast Wars conflict, often being infiltrated by the Maximals in their efforts to gain an edge over the Predacons.

Early in the conflict the Predacons recovered a mega-cannon that had become separated from the ship and set it up in a defensive position, though it was never seen in use again. The Predacons were later able to hack Maximal communications after recovering a decoder chip from wreckage of the Axalon, but this was recovered by Rattrap during an infiltration mission.

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