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Darkscream is a Predacon in the Transformers franchise.


Robots in Disguise

Animated series

Darkscream appears in Transformers: Robots in Disguise as part of a Predacon trio that also includes Gas Skunk and Slapper. The three operate under Sky-Byte and Megatron, serving as Predacon troops in combat situations. However, they would usually suffer defeat at the hands of the Autobots, and were particularly ineffectual when compared to the Decepticons who later joined their ranks. They did eventually provide the energy needed to complete Megatron's transformation into Galvatron, but were later imprisoned alongside him and the Decepticons and taken back to Cybertron.

Fun Publications

"Ask Vector Prime" revealed that in an alternate version of the Robots in Disguise reality, Darkscream and his two teammates were later rescued from Megazarak's forces by Sky-Byte, and the four Predacons would go on to aid Defensor in his final battle with the Decepticon tyrant.


  • Darkscream, Gas Skunk, and Slapper (2001)
Repaints of the Beast Wars figures Nightglider, Stinkbomb, and Spittor.