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Dar Ibn Khaldun for Translation

Dar Ibn Khaldun for Translation is a Jordanian-based professional platform[1] for Arabic Translation Services, Legal, Financial, and Technical Translations, as well as Translations for All Major Languages in the World.[2]


Dar Ibn Khaldoun for Translation and Media Production is based in Amman, Jordan, and it offers a full range of translation services to a wide range of businesses and individuals from all spheres of the economy, including Banks, computer companies, law firms, and commercial enterprises.[3]

Despite the fact that the company is situated in Amman, Jordan, with the help of the internet, the whole world is within its reach. Their certified English translation services in Jordan, along with the translation services in Amman, are available worldwide.[4]

For registered repeat customers, the company additionally provides savings in addition to their exceptional pricing.



Contracts, catalogues, instruction books, repair manuals, commercial agencies, invoices, bills of lading, insurance, and medical reports and certificates are all examples of translation-related documents.

Translating films and documentaries

The studio stands itself for its precise translation of movies, documentaries, and animated movies.

Interpretation Service

Dar Ibn Khaldun for Translation offers the most professional, cost-effective interpretation services, including consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, to translate the meaning of our spoken language into another while maintaining the semantic and lexical values of both the source and target languages.

Other Languages

For the following languages—German, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Bulgarian, Turkish, Chinese, and Korean—the company has qualified translators and interpreters.[5]

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Contact Details

Company Name: Dar Ibn Khaldun for Translation Type: Translation and interpretation services

Founder: Mohammad Zaben

Founded :1994

Address : Wasfi Tal Street, Building No. 105. Office No. 101 Amman, Jordan

Tel: 00962 6 5516412

Fax: 00962 6 5516412

Mob: 00962 79 5209798

Skype: ibn.khaldun1

E-mail: [email protected]