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Danny Ro
Born Doylestown, Pennsylvania
Nationality American- Swedish
Occupation Entrepreneur and artist


Founder Danny Ro Productions

Danny Ro (born January 1 1998) is an American serial Entrepreneur and artist who founded ECOM BOSS which creates passive income for clients from E-Commerce using marketplaces such as Walmart and Shopify. Danny Ro has sold over $10 Million with E-Commerce, selling products online. Danny creates websites and micro-brands that customers love and enjoy.[1][2]

Danny Ro has 12K Instagram Followers and is verified on TikTok with 6K Followers. ECOM BOSS has 6K Followers as of Oct 2021.


Danny Ro started his/her career at age 9 by creating websites for fun, adding games to the websites for his friends to play. Danny began to add ads on his websites to earn a few cents at an early age. By age 17, Danny was in high school and began drop shipping products from AliExpress. At age 19, Danny created a 3D printing company that 3-d printed custom essential products like phone cases with engravings or any custom message.


Danny Ro has built numerous profitable E-Commerce websites over the past 6 years, selling over $10 Million in sales. Danny's personal highest revenue in a single day is $260,000 in sales. He sells on platforms including Shopify, Walmart, Facebook, Etsy, and Amazon because he believes in diversifying his sales channels. Danny Ro is a marketing genius, proving he can scale ads on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google, TikTok, Pinterest, Taboola and more.

Danny Ro created ECOM BOSS on July 26, 2019. ECOM BOSS is a Passive Income Solution utilizing E-Commerce marketplaces like Walmart and Shopify to sell online for their clients. ECOM BOSS also hosts networking mastermind events that allow entrepreneurs to connect with one another and learn from experienced, world-class speakers. ECOM BOSS hosts 3 E-Commerce Masterminds each year.

Personal life

Danny Ro was born in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. When he is not working on business, he is an EDM Artist and Music Enthusiast. His music genre ranges from electronic and dance. Danny has a fast growing fanbase and continues to release new music to excite his fans.

Ro continues to excite his fans, releasing new music on his verified Spotify and verified TikTok accounts.



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