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Picture of Daniel Frishberg
Nationality American
Occupation Investor, Businessman
Known for Radio and TV market commentator

In his one-hour everyday Money Man Report, Daniel Frishberg created one of the fastest-growing sources of knowledge on investing and trading in the nation, reaching audiences all over the U.S.A. Daniel Frishberg's program has been regularly picked up on main web portals such as Market Wire, Forbes, Dow Jones, and Yahoo Finance. His stock picks and methods are reported regularly by www.thestockadvisors.com, AOL, and MSN.

During his 5 decades on Wall Street, Daniel Frishberg[1] became one of the most desired financial pundits on national TV, occurring several times each week on CNBC, Fox, and the Canadian Business News Network. His premium subscription service, THE RETURN TO CAPITALISM MACROTREND PORTFOLIO, is followed by individual investors and professional money managers. In addition to his media work, Daniel Frishberg's investor training has been acclaimed by investors all over the U.S.A and in several parts of the globe. His frequent appearances on CNBC Asia resulted in a substantial following by Americans and foreign residents in the upgrading world.

Daniel's holistic strategy for investing and trading embarks with his patented MARKET XRAY, which accurately analyzes real-time supply and demand, then adds the macroeconomic insights for which Daniel Frishberg is well known. With these tools, he has helped organize his subscribers and scholars around the universe for significant economic and market turning points for over twenty years. The proficient enterprises that utilize his research have excelled as have his private learners.

Daniel Frishberg’s eminent books, ESCAPE FROM THE HERD and INVESTING WITHOUT BORDERS allowed his readers to benefit from the globalization he forecasted years in advance. His books are still widely followed and are a staple in finance courses in universities about the English-speaking globe. His unique success story is all the more mesmerizing. He grew up in the ‘projects’ on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, served as an enlisted Marine device gunner from 1962 to 1965, and attended NYU by scholarship, helping himself trading silver contracts on the COMEX.

Daniel's reputation has grown around the nation, as Daniel Frishberg[2] has helped earn myriad millions – first for his clients, then for his audience, and now for his highly sophisticated subscribers. Daniel Frishberg is a trusted counsel to multiple of the most renowned and esteemed investors of our time, numerous of whom have publicly credited him with providing crucial strategic help in managing challenging market surroundings.

After a long career privately managing assets for the very affluent, Daniel Frishberg[3] has taken the opportunity to spend the last decades of his long career sharing with his audience of “regular individuals,” the jealously guarded secrets that have always been reserved for the top pros catering to the super-rich. A stunning number of skilled advisors now credit Daniel Frishberg with supplying them access to the knowledge and economic power that has traditionally been the region of only a select few.