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Dagogo Altraide
Born October 21, 1990 (1990-10-21) (age 33)
Mumbai, India
Nationality Australian
Other names Burn Water, Burn Water
Citizenship Australia
Alma mater
  • University of Western Australia
  • Curtin University
  • Youtuber
  • Video producer
  • Music producer
  • Author
Years active 2007 - present
Organization ColdFusion
Known for ColdFusion Documentaries
Height 5 ft 11 in

Dagogo Altraide (born October 21, 1990) is an Australian music producer, author, YouTuber, entrepreneur, internet personality, and influencer.[1]

Early life and education

Dagogo Altraide was born in Mumbai, India in 1990. His father was an engineer at the Multinational Oilfield Services company Schlumberger. Dagogo spent his early days in India, Nigeria, Malta, and Scotland before his family settled in Perth, Australia in late 1993.

Dagogo graduated from high school in 2007. He holds a bachelor of engineering degree in Mechanical engineering in 2012 from the University of Western Australia. He later completed a degree in Marketing to serve and promote his work from Curtin University in 2014.[2]


Dagogo Altraide is a tech enthusiast and in 2007 he decided to invest his time and efforts in a 2-year-old American online video-sharing platform, Youtube. During his time at University, he started his channel ColdFusion as a hobby.

In 2012, after his degree, he worked as a Vacation Implementation Engineer for an engineering firm, Clogh Amec for one year. In 2013, Dagogo started producing and releasing music under his stage name, Burn Water. The name was inspired by a line in the TV series 'Arrested Development'. From September 2014 to Jan 2016, he worked as a Change Management Communications Consultant in Integrated Energy. In May 2016, Dagogo started working as the marketing manager for Electro. Aero Pty Ltd, an electrical aviation company in Jandakot, Perth.[3]


Dagogo registered a youtube channel ColdFusion on Dec 3, 2007.[4] His channel experienced exponential growth and popularity over the years reaching over 2.3 million subscribers.[5]

The channel started with unboxing videos and projected Dagogo as a tech critique. Over time, his style of content diversified to include music, mini-documentaries, reviewing, and modifying smartphones. In 2013, He started producing and releasing music under the alias Burn Water inspired by a line in the TV series Arrested Development.[6]

In 2020, the ColdFusion brand expanded to include ColdFusion Collective, an online platform where people interested in science and technology can discuss ideas and suggest future topics for documentaries.[7] ColdFusion videos have predominantly appeared on Time.com, in museums, lecture halls, and exhibitions. His channel has also partnered with Tedx and has worked with brands such as Intel.[8]


In 2018, Dagogo published a book New Thinking: From Einstein to Artificial Intelligence, the Science and Technology that Transformed Our World.[9]

Dagogo received the Top Ten Technology books of all time award from Book Authority for it.[10] The book is available in all three formats hardcover, audio, and ebook.

Personal Life

Dagogo is the third and youngest child with two older sisters living in Melbourne, Australia. Dagogo and his parents still live in Perth, Australia. He had also been interviewed by Channel 9.


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