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DJ WilSAF in 2014
DJ WilSAF in 2014
Background information
Birth name Wilmot Selwyn Faulkner
Also known as The Master Selector, TMS DJ Wil, DJ Wil
Born April 19, 1978 (1978-04-19) (age 41)
England, United Kingdom
Years active 1996–present
Associated acts

Wilmot Selwyn Faulkner (born April 19, 1978 in England, United Kingdom) better known as DJ WilSAF is a DJ, presenter, radio personality and entrepreneur from London and has been in the music business since mid-90’s. He is the founder and CEO of SELAKIFAU Limited trading as 5iveGem Inc, Smoke Entertainment and is also one of the directors of HotBox Radio now FusionSound Radio.[1] He is one of the music pioneers in Sierra Leone and worked as support to a lot of other artist in the region.[2]

Early life and Career

DJ WilSAF has been active in the music industry since 1996. Throughout his long career he has worked in Radio stations, FM stations, played in gigs, parties and events as a DJ, and also been a music pioneer.

He first started expressing his love for music performance as a choir member at the age of nine in one of Sierra Leone’s most famous Wesley Methodist Church. After dedicating years to performing at the church, he decided to continue expressing his love for music, but with a different focus in mind, to be a DJ and radio broadcaster, which he started pursuing at the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation in 1996.During his seven years of employment there, he served as an Announcer and DJ, assisting in preparing and announcing on the news hour and public notices. He also conducted and presented interviews and hosted live talk shows.[3]

Sierra Leone Broadcasting Services (SLBS)

DJ WilSAF started his career as an Announcer, DJ on Sierra Leone national radio station, Sierra Leone Broadcasting Services (SLBS) FM 99.9. In Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service, DJ WilSAF served as an Announcer and DJ for seven years. He helped in preparing and reading out public service announcements and notices, presenting interviews and talk programming, and organising a well-received Missing Person’s Helpline during the cause of the Civil War. Over the course of his career, he has also gained radio experience producing several radio programmes, advert and jingles, providing voiceovers and interviewing many on-air guests, which have had a direct impact on the ratings of the stations he has worked with. While in Sierra Leone he gained national and international fame and was promoting local artists.

Skyy Radio and Kiss

He worked as a presenter and Production Assistant at commercial base radio station Skyy Radio (106.6 FM) in Sierra Leone, with it’s sister station Kiss 104 in Bo. At Skyy radio, he worked for nearly five years as a Presenter and Production Assistant where he used to handle organizing & hosting live talk shows, assisting with radio programs, producing & editing the daily announcement and on-air advertisements, and conducting interviews with numerous VIPs and local artists.[4]

DJ’ing and Shows

He had already made numerous appearances playing at gigs, shows, parties and local events while still in Sierra Leone.[http://[5] Wilmot Faulkner Uses Musical Talents and Fame To Inspire and Heal Home Country ] He then moved to UK and continued his career in music industry in UK where he is currently residing. He has been travelling around the country playing in numerous programs like Night Ride, Weekend Starter in HotBox Radio. He also plays in big parties, international and national events throughout the Europe and he offers a wide variety of music genre.

He has played in lots of parties and clubs throughout UK and Europe.[6]


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